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I understand that you have your doubts. I ‘ve been where you are. But, you don’t have to take my word for it.   Read these testimonials from people who had their lives changed by applying the principled and systems I teach.

I’ve been in the Health and Fitness Industry since 1961. You don’t stay long in this business unless you deliver results.

After you’ve read these stories from real people just like you, make sure you head over to purchase your 3-Step Hair Loss Treatment System so you have your own story to share.

  • Diego De Figueroa

    “I send a brief thank you for helping resolve my hair-loss problem, and you may place it on your website. I saw your promotion and gave myself a present of your product.I stopped losing hair very quickly. New hair is slowly appearing. I was very excited to stop hair loss so easily! I wish I found you earlier! El gusto es mio. Diego.”
  • Tom Turek : This site’s author

    “In his over 1/2 century of Fitness Club operation, Tom, this site's author, applied many little-publicized science-based health concepts. Today at 78 he enjoys robust med-free health, and.. an almost full head of hair. You too can now benefit from his dedicated research and application.. as did 1000s of his Fitness Club Members.”

Steve Appedale, Rtd.  Perth. Western Australia.  ex-CEO Horwath,  Int. Accountants. SAR. China.  Steve  was a member of one of my fitness clubs for several decades. He recently  wrote..   “Tom. A quick mail to let you know the results of a full medical I’ve just had with the high speed heart scanner.  The Doc said he’d never seen such clean arteries in any  patient.  I mentioned that I’d been on your rather unusual diet of high fat, plenty of protein and alternating  carb days.. he exclaimed that it was simply not possible”.

Tom’s Note.   I’ve been digging-out answers vital for my members, (and myself) since 1961.  Much of that data contradicts what the doc., dietician, nutritionist, sports trainer etc. tell us.  This site is about that alternative science, rarely seen even in the world’s top health sites/newsletters.  Steve and I needn’t  ever about stroke nor heart attack.. and neither should you.. when you get your teeth into the data.

Will Jeremiasse. Personal Trainer. Sydney,  Australia. Hi Tom,  It’s one year on, and  I’m still one of your  happy ‘hair  loss-stoppers’. Thanks for that. I recently bought your new health guides. The info there is amazing.  It would take for ever to search it out,  if I knew where to look or what to look for.  I’ll be digesting it for months!   Me and my clients already show results from your diet and workout plans. Our   Personal Trainer’s Certification  closely follows the same  advice that the Mainstream gives.  I guess that’s why so many fail to lose fat, keep it off and get really fit.   The ideas in the Mind guide on active meditation  are  giving  me the control I need to keep the my often-negative thoughts and emotions out! Hope to get to Stage 2 of that Guide next week.

Noriko Koike. Economist. Tochigi. Japan. Thanks for the rapid results I got  stopping my hair loss. Your  concept and pricing are a  pleasant change from  hair loss companies here charging a crazy monthly fee for ever, to try to keep my hair. HereI just purchased your new Guides,  so no comment yet, sorry. Here.

Neil Malani. CEO Canrise Corp. Montreal, Canada. Tom’s stop hair loss ideas are getting me the results promised on the site, This is the first end to end solution I ’ve found.

Marvin P. Rtd. NY Stock Exchange. Foreign Accounts. Even at my ripe  62+ years, I’ve ‘saved what I still had’, just as you advertise.  Easy to follow. Positive results. Thanks.

Walter Grieve. CEO.  Auto Accessories. Antwerp. Belgium. My girlfriend is a nurse. To stop my bad moods, she suggested I fix my losing  hair problem.  I didn’t  do the hair  transplant because my friends who had a transplant kept losing the rest of their hair and now ook real funny.  My girlfriend found your programme and she said it made sense. All hair loss has stopped.  Some new hair  appeared after 2 months.  I’ve now had a transplant to fill the gaps.  I’m very happy because I know I won’t lose any more old or new hair.

Peter LavacCriminal Defense Attorney. Public Speaker. Adventurer.  Sydney,  Australia.  Peter prevented any hair loss for over 1/2 century..  with just the basics of the 3 Step System! His story and photo are..   Herestrong>