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    Stop & Prevent Hair Loss

    The Updated 3-Step Stop Hair Loss Protocol stops your hair loss dead in it’s tracks in a week!

    This is the latest version of a concept from the 1980s private research carried out at the Sydney Medical University by a team of Docs. & Med students. . Over many decades I kept testing, find-Tuning &.. adding to their their basic conepts, as the science moved ahead, You get the the latest updates including the negative effects of the metal nickel on your hair roots, & how to avoid that. For the 1st time you’ll now be able to stop hair loss and even regrow lost hair.. without pharmaceutical’s nasty, feminizing & other side effects..

    Value: Priceless.

    No value can be placed on your looks. Will you present a youthful, fresh & sexy appearance… or offer a shiny, shaved head of a much older person.. getting sympathetic stares instead of compliments. Sexy? Only if you’ve got a perfectly shaped, sized and colored head.. according to Surveys.

Product Description

This Revolutionary System prevents hair loss…. & even regains lost hair !

hail loss sale 1The 3-Step System is very easy and quick to apply. There’s absolutely no need for you to lose any more hair with your answers just a click away.

Step #1. Stop damaging your hair roots from 9 specific causes.

Damaging hair roots speeds hair loss, (the primary cause being aging hormone DHT). The severity of this damage can lead to massive hair loss. Shaving the scalp doesn’t slow hair loss.. but speeds it.. learn why all damaging agents must be stopped for hair loss to stop and even new hair to grow.

Step #2. The clever ‘active’ stage tackles DHT’s negative ‘effects’.. as it’s impossible to reduce DHT enough, even with powerful meds. to slow hair loss!

The breakthrough, clever `active’ stage only needs two to three minutes, twice a day.. or once day for prevention! This neutralises the harmful effects of DHT, (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a hormone, a chemical messenger, naturally converted from the ‘male’ hormone, testosterone, (also present in a small amount in women) whose negative effects cause hair loss. loss.. The DHT conversion increases as we age, men experiencing ‘male pattern baldness’. Ladies, have less testosterone, make only a little DHT so only lose some hair, much later than men and from all-over the head. Thus the 3-Step System is very effective for ladies too.

Step #3. Your nutrition guidance ensures you ‘feed’ your hair roots with vital nutrients, sourced from common Foods!

‘Healthy Eating’ advice from the Mainstream tells us to reduce specific foods. This poor guidance robs us of the very nutrients your hair roots need to STOP hair loss.. and it speeds-up loss! These nutrients are needed almost daily for your hair loss to quickly stop and for new hair to slowly appear.

Why not invest in your Health & Good Looks.. for the ‘pocket-friendly’ cost of a meal out for 2, with a glass of wine?

Tom’s stop hair loss ideas are getting me the results promised on the site, This is the first end to end solution I’ve found.

Why not invest in your Good Looks, (& Health).. for the ‘pocket-friendly’ cost of a meal out for 2, with a glass of wine? Note. Click.. Stop Hair Loss on the Navigation Bar for more detailed Information.