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I discovered how to stop my hair loss and even grow new hair.. with a chance meeting. 

Baldness runs in my family. My dad and my grand-dad both started losing their hair young. I was worried. I had become a leader in the Fitness Industry and felt I needed a full head of hair to inspire confidence.

I tested a lot of different things. I found some herbs and vitamins that slightly slowed my hair loss. I tried a bunch of different “special” shampoos. They did nothing. Later when lasers, magnets, and head vibrators arrived on the scene, I realized that none of these things addressed the real causes of hair loss.

When expensive medicines arrives, some to ingest and some to rub into your scalp for the rest of your life, I realized that these were trying to target the aging hormone DHT, but that they were messing with hormone levels in dangerous ways and had many feminizing side effects.

Hair transplants were always an option. But.. they were expensive, painful, and didn’t really work as a permanent solution. I had seen many men with hair transplants who later only had an island of hair in a sea of baldness.

I was constantly looking for a solution as my hair began to thin. One day I happened to run into Peter Lavac. He was a member of one of my fitness clubs. It turns out he was also part of a research team of doctors and students at Sydney Medical University. They were searching for a natural cure for hair loss and had some promising results. They figured out that DHT cuts off oxygen to hair roots, causing hair to fall out. If oxygen could be reintroduced to the roots, the hair could be saved. They also realized that DHT restricted blood flow to the hair roots.

They developed an almost magical solution that 100% neutralized the harmful effects of DHT on hair.

I started with Peter’s system and my hair loss almost completely stopped. I went to work on some additional research. I discovered 11 harmful actions that increased the speed of DHT-related hair loss. I also discovered the importance of proper nutrition.

After identifying some likely protocols, I stopped my hair loss, and most exciting of all, started to grow new hair. I then fine-tuned my system and developed the 3-Step Hair Loss Treatment System.

Now you can experience the same hair miracle I did, without years of experiments and research. You can get the entire system for much less than you are expecting. In fact, I know some special shampoos that cost three times what my 3-Step Hair Loss Treatment System sells for—and those shampoos don’t even work!

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 Peter Lavac, who introduced me to his Med. Uni’s. early research on the ‘Stage 2’ of the 3-Step Hair Loss Treatment Solution.  Now in his mid-seventies, Peter shows no visible signs of hair loss!




 Me. Age 52. Balding. Need answers.     Age 62. Hair loss has stopped. New hair has grown.



Me. Age 78. Proven it worked! It worked for Diego, Neil, Marvin.. and it’ll work for you too.  Today I have a nearly full head of healthy hair. Some color has been lost, but the gap I had in the upper-back of the head, has nicely filled in..


There were no favorable genes from my immediate ancestors! 


Grandpa Alex, lost much of his hair before he reached 30 years of age!




Dad Zoltan,  similar fate as grandpa. Quite bald by his fifties.