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Expect hair loss to stop within ONE week.. after ALL 9 hair root-damaging actions have STOPPED, your nutrition has been CORRECTED, and you’re doing your clever DHT-smashing ACTION. You’ll have saved the rest of your hair in just a week!

Expect new growth within a couple of months after hair loss has stopped.   New growth will start from where you last had hair loss and then slowly cover the head.   New hair will be soft, thin and grow very slowly. After a few more months, new hair firms up, but still grows slowly. Don’t expect sharp bristles like after shaving!

Note. Even if you spend up to  10,000US$ on a hair transplant, hair loss will continue unless you follow the 3-Step System protocols.  This continued hair loss leaves an embarrassing little ‘transplanted’  island of hair in the middle of your head, as the remaining hair slowly drops out!  In time, this little transplanted island, (or a much larger area, if you had that done),  also thins out, as it’s NOT protected, and.. its in the ‘hot’ zone of hair loss!