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The purpose of these 11 Guides is to help you reach robust health..

which massively slows your aging..

The 1st and most important step in any alternative health program is to stop damaging your body and mind. This must happen before boosting any of your bodies' systems. It's pointless to keep pushing on the gas pedal while your handbrake is still on! After you stop the damaging actions, your body can self repair.. given the correct tools and spare parts

The science-based information I present cannot be challenged as being conspiracy theories, folklore etc. The listed examples are just a sprinkling of the many you'll discover in the 11 Guides. You'll be shocked and saddened how much vital data has been omitted by those who advise on your health. Here's some of what you'll be addressing as soon as you start-up.

A commonly used cookware metal gets into you food and acts on the tau protein in your brain, causing neurofibrillary tangles, NFT i.e the death of millions of neurons in the brain. This leads to dementia, Alzheimers, and seizures. The Mind Guide.

A commonly used method of cooking introduces cancer-causing glycolytic compounds into all foods within 20 minutes after ingesting food or liquid warmed or cooked, and then also alters white blood cell activity.. so depressing your immune system. It destroys most vitamins. Cookware Guide.

4 common veges cause Rheumatoid arthritis; a major 'food group' advised to be eaten up to 11 times daily causes obesity, Diabetes2, high blood sugar, raised artery-clogging triglycerides, blocks absorption of calcium from it's high phytate content and.. even more; a so called health-giving bean contains has 9 damaging agents, such as a high content of plant-based female hormones that causes thyroid disturbances and thyroid cancer. You'll be shocked to learn how much more vital food data is missed by the dietician and doc. Our Food Guide.

The wrong type of cardio exercise damages knees and hip joints, later needing 'replacements'. Excessive cardio causes scarring on the heart muscle. Strictly following the wrong diet leads to extremely painful gall bladder stones, needing surgical removal of the gall bladder. Weight loss and Exercise Guide.

Following the Mainstream's advised fat loss diet.. your arteries rapidly clog-up, as vital, protective nutrients in high calorie foods are lost. In 1979 in Hawaii a 28 year-old competitive marathon runner died of blocked arteries. Exercise didn't help. Fat, Protein and Carbs Guide. Our Food Guide.

Negative thoughts and feelings can lead to depression, needing medication. Active meditation exercises needing 15 minutes a day strengthen the mind. The Mind Guide.

What happens when you don't stop the damage and then fail to boost your health? You become a statistic of 'age-related' chronic disease and.. early death! Smart people make the needed effort.

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Your health and appearance are important

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