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Natural answers to stop your hair loss and reach robust health.

Looking for a natural stop hair loss & robust heath program? Look no further.. You just found it.
Doctor preparing a man for hair replacement surgery

Do You Need to Stop Your Hair Loss?

Sure you do! That’s if you don’t wish your friends to think you’re 10 years older than you are.

Do You Want Great Body, Mind & Sexual Vigor?

Of course you do. Everyone loves compliments on how youthful they look & act.

The #1 cause of hair loss in males and females is DHT.

DHT is a hormone, a chemical messenger in the Body.. that we make more of as we age. It’s DHT’s negative effects that starts all your hair loss. (There’s now a chemical-free answer to this). The negative DHT effects are speeded-up by 9, now-identified damaging actions to the hair-roots. And.. vital nutrients needed by the hair roots are often missing … following some common diets.

Robust health comes easily for the lucky few

But the rest of us need to be well aware of the many harmful effects  of today's living environment and the masses of science based prevention concepts at today hand.  Docs have little time to explain these vital, fine points, (if they even know of them).  It's up to each of us to access the most accurate and up-to-date data that'll allow our bodies to  purr-along like an admired, well tuned Ferrari.

You must have accurate data to make progress.

My research & application is from 10s of 1000s of scientific studies. This journey started when I opened my 1st Fitness Club in 1961.. My members demanded accurate advice. I’ve had to sort out much misinformation.. meaningless short term studies promoting meds. & foods, vilifying supplements, advising minimal exercise etc.

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Real People. Proven Results.

  • Diego De Figueroa

    “I send a brief thank you for helping resolve my hair-loss problem, and you may place it on your website. I saw your promotion and gave myself a present of your product.I stopped losing hair very quickly. New hair is slowly appearing. I was very excited to stop hair loss so easily! I wish I found you earlier! El gusto es mio. Diego.”
  • Tom Turek : This site’s author

    “In his over 1/2 century of Fitness Club operation, Tom, this site's author, applied many little-publicized science-based health concepts. Today at 78 he enjoys robust med-free health, and.. an almost full head of hair. You too can now benefit from his dedicated research and application.. as did 1000s of his Fitness Club Members.”


1. How to get your optimum Vitamin D3.

Rapidly moving Vit. D3 research shows massive benefits for your immune system, cancer, MS, eyes, migraines, preterm birth, DNA methylation, heart function and so on!   You have 2 choices to get D3. You can supplement., taking only the natural D3, as the synthetic D2, found in many commercial Multis is toxic, and almost useless. For optimum health, your  blood level of Vit. D3 needs to reach 60 micro grams per milliliter. This is the highest you can get with sunshine, so we assume it  be the Creation’s design number.

The as-expected Govt. RDA of Vit. A  is an ineffective 800iu, ignore it. To reach your optimum levels of 60mcg/mL D3 you need to supplement with 8-10,000iu daily, or sunbathe or use special lamps. The sun and lamps give you an even  better form of D3.. D3s(sulfate).

Correct  sunbathing for max D3 and minimum skin damage.  Sunbathe between 10am and 2pm.  If you  live far North or South with a shallow sun angle, use special lamps or supplement. [pt_view id=d72f92a12d]