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    Stop Your  Embarrassing Hair Loss in 7 days!

    This Updated 3-Step Stop Hair Loss Protocol stops your hair loss dead in it’s tracks in just a week and prevents hair loss!

    Your appearance is important..  so imagine no longer worrying about going bald, then having to shave your head and getting those sympathetic stares. Imagine no longer trying to hide those ‘thinning’ areas.  Why look 10-15 years older than you are.. when a solution is at hand? You are now getting the latest version of  concepts that a private group of doctors and medical students started-up in the 1980s  at the Sydney Medical University.

    I’ve added to these ideas and fine tuned them over many decades of patient testing.  That saved all my remaining hair and regrew much.  (see  photos and the full story here).  For the 1st time you’ll be able to stop hair loss and even regrow lost hair.. without expensive pharmaceuticals with their feminizing side-effects! You’ll even save your transplant, if you’ve had one..  and the surrounding hair! 

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The 3-Step System is easy  to apply and you’ll see  your results fast. Here’s the uncovered secrets..

Step #1. Stop damaging your hair roots from 9 specific causes.

Damaging your hair roots with any of the 9 identified actions.. speeds hair loss, (the primary cause being the aging hormone DHT). The more damage, the greater your hair loss.

Step #2. The clever ‘active’ stage tackles DHT’s negative ‘effects’. 

The breakthrough `active’ stage only needs two to three minutes, twice a day.. or once day for prevention! This neutralises the harmful effects of DHT, (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a hormone, a chemical messenger naturally converted from your ‘male’ hormone, testosterone. It’s also present in a small amount in women.  The DHT conversion increases as we age, so men will experience ‘male pattern baldness’. Ladies have less testosterone,  so produce little DHT, and thus only lose some hair, much later than men.. and from all-over the head. This makes the 3-Step System very effective for ladies too.

Step #3. Your nutrition guidance ensures you ‘feed’ your hair roots with vital nutrients, these are sourced from common foods!

‘Healthy Eating’ advice from the Mainstream tells us to reduce specific foods. This poor guidance robs us of the very nutrients your hair roots need. This speeds hair loss! These nutrients are needed almost daily for your hair loss to quickly stop and for new hair to slowly appear. Some have lost all their head hair by too strictly following this advice!

Are you ready to invest just a few $$ in your appearance.. and health?  Yes? OK, let’s get you started with your special, time-limited price.  Not yet? What have you got to lose except…  more hair??

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