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How to stop hair fall… with our help you get 100% success.

How to stop hair fallHow to stop hair fall is quite easy with todays discoveries. However, the system that is available cannot stop this condition if your hair roots have are being affected by chemotherapy, ongoing massive and longterm use of antibiotics or prescription drugs, from lice or from fungal scalp infections. Although that’s a scary list, these conditions affect very, very few. The chances are that your condition has been brought about causes that can easily and rapidly be remedied.

Three easily correctible causes to hair fall have now been positively identified. There are hormonal changes in your body as you age, where some of your testosterone converts to dihydrotetosterone, DHT. It is DHT that negatively affects your hair roots. Although testosterone is the male hormone, women also have a little of it, so they also make a some DHT which affects them. Some expensive herbs and seed extracts do slow this conversion of DHT, but that is not nearly enough to stop the conversion to DHT, and.. that is not the answer on how to stop hairfall! ย The solution must have a direct effect on DHT’s action, which is the constriction of the narrow blood vessels that bring vital growth nutrients to the hair roots. Luckily a natural system now exists, that pioneered by a Professor of Medicine and his team in a Medical University.

Another major cause of ย hair fallย is when you unknowingly damage your hair roots. 9 factors so far been identified. It has been found that when these 9 factors are all addressed, (as well as the 2 other correctable causes), then hair loss stops. Interestingly, new hair will then actually grow, as damaged roots merely ‘sleep’. In the rare case where hair roots have been exposed to extreme heat such as laser treatment or exposure to Xray, new hair cannot grow. You may be affecting you hair roots with most of these 9.. or just a few, but the method of how to stop to hairfall is simply to address all 9 factors.

The 3rd correctable cause of your hair fall is poor nutrition. One US Doctor lost all his hair from this 3rd factor. His hair roots starved from following a diet which restricted certain vital foods. On the market are various shampoos, ointmants and herbal extracts that are advertised as having nutrients for your hair roots. But, that is not how to stop hairfall.. for these nutrients simply cannot be pumped into the ‘delivery system’, as the hair roots only get their ‘dinner’ through the tiny nlood vessels that feed them.