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1. sunbathing for vitamin D3

Rapidly moving Vit. D3 research shows massive benefits for your immune system, cancer, MS, eyes, migraines, preterm birth, DNA methylation, heart function and so on!

You have 2 choices to get your vitamin D3. You can supplement, but you MUST select only the natural D3.   Avoid synthetic vitamin D2. It’s in many commercial vitamin formulas, it’s  toxic, and almost useless.  For optimum health, your  blood level of Vit. D3 needs to reach 60 micro grams per milliliter, 60mcg/mL. This is the highest you can get with sunshine, so we can safely assume it  is the Creation’s design optimum.

The Mainstream’s  RDA, Recommended Dietary  of Vit. A  is a feeble and  ineffective 800iu.  To reach your optimum levels of  D3 you need to supplement with 8000iu-10,000iu of natural vitamin D3 daily, or sunbathe or use special UVB lamps when the sun is not available or not at the correct angle. The sun and special lamps give you an even  better form of D3, D3s(sulfate).

Correct  sunbathing  gets your  maximum  Vitamin D3, from the Good Ultra Violet Beta, UVB rays..  with minimum skin damage that comes from the Bad  Ultra Violet Alpha, UVA rays.  Sunbathe between 10am and 2pm.  (If you  live far North or South with a shallower  sun angle, use special lamps or supplement.  At shallower sun angles the beneficial UVB rays bounce off the ionosphere, and you’ll only get the harmful UVA rays. With light cloud cover.. you’ll lose most if the good UVB rays, but not the bad UVA rays!  Sunbathe the fullest body  for 5 minutes each side, longer if tanned or with a darker skin.  DON’T use a sun screen otherwise you’ll filter out most of the good  UVB rays.  Don’t wash off the oily skin for several hours.. as the vitamin D3 is still being formed!

The Mainstream advises us to use a sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.. BUT sunscreens filter out the beneficial UVB rays.  The UVB rays create your vitamin D3s.. which goes on  to help you prevent skin cancer!   NOTE. In many countries, the ingredients of sunscreens are not regulated.  Some suspect that  carcinogens in sunscreens may speed skin cancer.  Some ingredients are listed below that make a natural sunscreen.  BUT, even I you home-make your screen.. you’ll still get some of the harmful UVA rays, and lose  most of the good UVB rays)!!

  • Almond Oil- SPF around 5
  • Coconut Oil- SPF 4-6
  • Zinc Oxide SPF 2-20 depending on how much used
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil SPF 25-50
  • Carrot Seed Oil –  SPF 35-40
  • Shea Butter – SPF 4-6.

I play it safe.  I sunbathe for 15minurs a day when possible with zero sunscreen. Afterwards, if I’m in the sun, I’ll  wear a shirt and hat. This timing is sufficient for a decent tan.

You also  need a healthy, high cholesterol diet.. so that your body can synthesize the Vitamin D3s.  Is this high fat cholesterol diet really healthy? YES!! Here.

Tom Turek.

Author..  The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See  ABOUT here).


2. Do I need to restrict my salt intake?

Normally functioning kidneys control your salt,  sodium/water balance within 2%.. whether you intake 50mgs or 25 grams of salt

The kidneys do this by daily  filtering out an average of 630 grams of salt, excreting 3.2 grams and reabsorbing 99.5%!  (Human Physiology. Vander Dr. et al. U of VA. Ch. 13. Regulation of water and electrolyte balance).

Taking in too little salt results in your body releasing a cascade of hormones that will take the needed life-giving salt from wherever it’s not most needed such as from the bones.   Low salt diets can raise catecholamines.. fight or flight neurotransmitters like adrenaline and dopamine. These speed the heart and cause the blood vessels to constrict. Catecholamines are what link stress to high blood pressure, A popular blood pressure medication, beta blockers, precisely blunts these chemical messengers. Keep in mind that blood pressure meds. cause obesity and impotence in males. That’s not good for long term.

Persons with compromised kidney function lack the ability to filter excess sodium and may experience dangerous swelling. Many with congestive heart failure must restrict their salt intake to prevent fluid overload.

Salt is often blamed for causing high blood pressure, BP which in turn is blamed for clogging-up your arteries.  However.. arteries clog-up  from high blood homocysteine, high blood triglycerides and lack of anti-oxidants.  (See also Our Food Guide, Protein, fat and carbs for  fuller picture of most foods.. here).

Sure, salt does raise BP so it should not be applied too liberally with those sensitive to HBP.  BUT  commercial salt is the main culprit here.. as that’s been heated to 1200C in  processing. This changed it’s chemistry, making it unrecognizable to the body.. hence the massive and rapid BP reaction.  At a guess 99% of commercially prepared (and restaurant) food uses commercial salt. Use only evaporated sea salt or mined salt such as Himalaya, Salsberg etc.

For those already suffering high BP.. drink hibiscus tea all day.  and take 2 teaspoons of sugar-free cocoa with breakfast. This helps normalize the high BP. A daily glass of hibiscus tea or teaspoon of cocoa should prevent high BP,  and  keep your arteries clean with the correct diet. Here. (see TESTIMONIALS Steve Appedale, who followed this diet for decades.. Here).

Your BP may be elevated if your arteries have calcified..  that results in the loss of  their ‘flexibility’, so hibiscus tea and cocoa may not have much benefit.   In this case explore EDTA, ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid.  Your body makes some EDTA protein, but not enough to clean your arteries.  Apart from ‘cleaning-out’ 30 kms of your arteries, EDTA has 19 other beneficial side effects!!  It can be taken orally.. needing 6 months with 4 caps a day, and  is inexpensive. The IV drip is much quicker but costly.  EDTA action is much smarter than waiting for stroke or heart attack, and safer and less expensive than  by-pass surgery or stents.

NOTES. In most countries EDTA is approved only for lead poisoning, so you’ll need a friendly doc to administer the IV. The UK has banned oral EDTA, which is available on the net..  mainly from the US.  In Thailand docs give  IV EDTA for artery cleaning.

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step..  Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

3. How to make anti-viral Nano-Colloidal Silver, NCS.

You’ll need a Colloidal Silver, CS  ‘generator’. I use the Colloidal Master International. (220v).. (no financial interest)

Follow the  CS Generator  Instructions. Further Tips. Use a wide-topped glass jar.  Set PPM, (parts per million)  to MAX.  Use only distilled water.  Bubble the whole process with a small aquarium pump.  Introducing CO2 reduces the CS to NCS.  It takes up to 6 hours to make 1 liter. When the red ‘finished’ light comes on, clean the silver electrodes and reset the process.  If the light is again GREEN, continue.  If RED, the  process has  finished. The final NCS will be murky.  If it’s still clear, the process failed.  You must then check the electrical connections to the electrodes are not broken. If you have a voltmeter, check the voltage on the 2 electrodes. It should be approx. 18volts DC during the process.

Filter the newly made, murky  NCS through a set of 5 natural-colored paper coffee filters. You’ll note metal particle residue.  Keep the filtered NCS in a dark glass bottle, in a cupboard and away from electrical plugs.  The NCS will turn yellowish brown in a week or so. It’s still fine!  Make a new batch every 2 months.

When CS is reduced to NCS, it seems less effective against  bacteria but very highly effective against virus.  According to H R Clark, PhD ND, Multiple Sclerosis sufferers all have the virus sized  mycoplasma phlei bacteria in the body.  The Scientists who made NCS with the CO2-injection method..  reversed MS with massive doses, say 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. They didn’t know the Dr. Clark connection.. but it seemed to work. Medication to ‘treat’ MS is HP Acthar, at  $51,600 annually!!!

Herpes. I have cleared-up many herpes cases, once accidentally with just a single dose.. but take the NCS 5 days.   Single dose? I gave a friend a single capful of NCS I’d brought into the gym. A few days later I saw him with no herpes. I asked if  he’d been taking it every day. He replied that he’d forgotten the bottle at the gym reception. It was still there, just minus one capful. His herpes did not return.  Herpes dosage. One tablespoon 2X daily. NCS should be kept under the tongue for 5 minutes, then chased down with a gulp of water.

Don’t take NCS as a daily tonic.  Use it when needed.  Whenever our family has a sneeze or an itchy throat, a single tablespoon  knocks it out in 20 minutes.  The pets get a teaspoonful in their water!   And no, you won’t turn gray..  I haven’t in 16 years of NCS use. That’s just a Mainstream scare tactic!

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

4. Natural acne cure takes 2 weeks.

Acne is mostly caused by a deficiency of 2 basic nutrients.

In very rare cases acne is caused by parasites.  The person who develops acne may have a higher requirement for one or both these 2 nutrients, or have  poor absorption of either or both of these or simply have a massive deficiency of either or both of these from their  diet.  Acne is NOT an infection..  so will not react to even long term anti-biotic treatment.

You’ll need to purchase Vitamin A in capsule with a high iu, international unit dose and organic zinc tablets of at least 25-50mgs each.  If you have acne scar tissue.. also purchase  natural Vitamin E capsules, say  400iu each.  Ensure the labeled dosages are sufficient.  Buy these nutrients from a Health Food Store, Pharmacy or from the net.

Dosages.  For the 1st month take 60,000iu Vit. A  and 100mgs zinc daily.  Take the Vit A and Zinc with a fatty meal to aid Vit. A absorption.  After 1 month reduce both dosages by 1/2.  After another month reduce both  dosages again by 1/2.  Stay on the last dose for maintenance.  An approximate ‘number’ is fine, as they’re both non toxic for long term use. The maintenance dose ensures acne won’t return!

Vitamin A is toxic, sure..  but only when  millions of iu, International Units are consumed, but even then, it’s  not deadly!  The early Arctic explorers ate the polar bear’s  liver.  They consumed millions of iu of Vit A and became quite sick with  painful bones, dry skin etc.  When they noted the Eskimos avoided the bear’s  liver, they also did so..  and became quite well again.

Progress expected.  After 2 weeks no new acne will appear.  After 6 weeks your acne has gone.

Scar tissue needs natural Vitamin E.  Prick the 400iu capsule with a pin,  squeeze a drop onto each scar.  Rub it well in. Do this 2X daily, then every day consume the remaining Vit E  capsule with a fatty meal.  After 6 months your scar tissue will have disappeared.

Tom Turek.

Author..  The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

5. The best natural anti-wrinkle solution.

How I accidentally discovered the best, natural, low cost anti-wrinkle solution.. at any age!

I visited an Aunt in New York, then in her mid eighties. She then had a smooth facial complexion.  A few years later, when she visited us in the Far East, her face had become  as wrinkled as the River Nile Delta! I asked her why she’d stopped eating eggs. She was surprised I’d asked that.  Her son Peter, head of Neurology in a top NY Hospital, had told her that ‘as she was getting old, she’d better stop eating all that cholesterol in egg yolks. She zero-ed her egg intake!.

I explained all about eggs to her.   No doubt her Doctor son, who’d  received  maybe 6 hours of nutrition in 12 years of med school, (and as expected.. was only taught the cholesterol and calories baloney), would have never heard of this.   I visited NY a few years later for her grand-daughter’s wedding, She was then in her mid 90s. Her faced had almost miraculously smoothed out again!!

Your Answer.. Eat  at least 2 raw egg yolks a day. Raw yolks contain masses of anti-oxidants, nutrients that fight cell damage. This includes the B vitamins, (90% of which are destroyed in any heating); the rare vitamin K that sends calcium to hard tissues.. bones, and away from soft tissues, arteries; the amino acids l-cysteine, l-tyrosine, and l-tryptophan;  the phosphotidyls serine and choline.. vital nerve foods, (especially for the very young and older brains) and much more.

The shells should be well washed, reducing your chances of salmonela poisoning to 1 in 30,000.  The whites must be cooked as raw whites interfere with absorption on many nutrients such as the B Vitamin biotin. Stir the yolks into an already-blended breakfast mix. (see Our Food Guide. Breakfast.  here).

And NO, your arteries won’t clog-up from all those yolks.  Their anti-oxidants prevent your arteries getting inflamed.. that leading to clogging from this cause. HereNor will you gain body fat from the high calorie yolks as it’s the carbs that fatten! (see Weight Loss and Workout Guide here).

I eat up to10 yolks a day, at least 3 raw, and have done so for decades.

Tom Turek.

Author..  The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, hereThe 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

6. Are GMO foods safe to eat? Govts. say yes.

We are told.. GMOS are safe, they’re needed to feed a hungry Planet, and.. that GMOs have NOT been proven to be unsafe to consume.  Here’s a different story on their safety.

Biologist Arpad Pusztai had more than 300 articles and 12 books to his credit and was the world’s top expert in his field of genetics in plants.  In the early 1990s, Dr. Pusztai was awarded a $3 million grant by the UK government to design the system for safety-testing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). His team included more than 20 scientists working at three facilities, including the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, the top nutritional research lab in the UK, and his employer for the previous 35 years. The results of Pusztai’s work were supposed to become the required testing protocols for all of Europe.

But when he fed supposedly harmless GM potatoes to rats..   within just 10 days, the animals developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damaged immune systems. Moreover, the cause was almost certainly side effects from the process of genetic engineering itself. In other words, the GM foods on the market, which are created from the same process, might have similar affects on humans.

Pusztai was fired. He was silenced with threats of a lawsuit, his team was dismantled, and the protocols never implemented. His institute, the biotech industry, and the UK government, together launched a smear campaign to destroy Pusztai’s reputation.
In February 2008, the Indian Supreme Court asked renowned biologist P. M. Bhargava to evaluate the practices of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC). Dr. Bhargava attended meetings, studied submissions, and consulted more than 600 scientific journals for his analysis. After 10 months he concluded that not only was the Indian approval system inadequate, but no GM crop in the world had ever been properly evaluated. In fact, of the 29 different categories of scientific research that he said should be conducted to protect the environment and public health, only 10% had been addressed… but even these few studies were industry-funded – designed so poorly that Dr. Bhargava deemed them  quite worthless.

Monsanto Roundup weed-killer and GM maize are implicated in  the Seralini cancer study. Scientists found that rats exposed to even the smallest amounts of GMOs, developed mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage as early as four months in males, and seven months for females. 50 percent of males and  70 percent of females died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group.

The difference with this study compared to Monsanto’s own  study.. was that the Seralini rats were taken to full term, full life span. The Monsanto rat studies were stopped halfway into the rats lifespan.. and thus Monsanto  declared GMOs as safe!!

Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen, France,  carried out these studies in secret.  It is illegal to do such studies, these GMOs being patents of  the biotech giant Monsanto. The study was published in The Food & Chemical Toxicology Journal.

This story had a few more twists and turns. The F & C T Journal then cancelled the publication. when a new Editor, (an ex-Monsanto executive), stated that the study had been ‘poorly carried out’  giving multiple but not scientifically valid reasons.  That Editor was later ‘removed’ and the study was re-published.

There’s other GMOs!!  When foods have been  genetically modified  for improving the crop yields, for fighting drought, for increasing nutrient content etc. they may be quite safe. We don’t know yet, but can be assumed to be ‘quite’ safe, as they  haven’t been Genetically Modified to develop their own toxic  insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, viricide etc. Cross breeding strains and selection has been been ongoing for millennia.. which is technically also GMO, but not harmful! We eat those from many foods.

On  your journey to robust health..  you’ll become aware that there’s much more to concern yourself with.. than just GMOs.  The Blog Posts give you an idea just how far ahead of the pack we run.  Our 11 Guide set is all you’ll need.

Tom Turek.

Author..  The Only Natural 3-Step..  Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

7. How much vitamin C do I need

The US Government’s  National Institute of Health, NIH, Agricultural Dept. and others have given us the  daily Recommended Dietary Allowances, RDAs of micro nutrients.. Vitamins and minerals.

We are told  that we can now  select our food so as to give us the RDAs we need to  fight this or that bug, to reduce risk of this or that major disease, and hopefully.. to overflow with radiant health.

First let’s note how these RDAs were arrived at to better understand why they’re in question.  Many decades ago, US   Govt. scientists ‘established’ the RDA of  vitamins.  If that vitamin had a known deficiency disease.. they  ‘guessed’ the total weight of that specific vitamin that was consumed in one day by the entire US population.

As there was no deficiency disease among the general population from a lack of that vitamin, it was assumed that the ‘guesstimated’ weight was sufficient. They then simply divided the weight of the guesstimate by the population, (X pounds vitamin divided by so Y million people) and got the RDA!! Where there was no listed deficiency disease of a nutrient, the RDA was GUESSED!!!

The RDAs are in millionth of a gram, mcg, or thousands of a gram, mg.   Once established, the RDAs seem to have been carved in stone, as they very rarely  get updated.. even when contrary evidence comes in.. (all the time)!  There are several reasons for this,  we’ll discuss later.

To give you an idea as to just how meaningless RDAs are.. let’s examine  Vit C, whose RDA is approx. 100mgs a day.  Vitamin C is  the most researched vitamin.  An orange has  50mgs of Vit. C, so according to the RDAs, 2 oranges or their juice a day, should suffice. Or it could be a cup of berries or even some fresh paprika.

Problem #1.  The Govt. RDA has ZERO connection to our true needs. Precise bio-resonance testing by Dr. H. R. Clark, PhD ND, measured that to fully energize our immune system, (the activity of the killer white blood cells, the CD 4s, CD8s and CD14 leucocytes), we need 3000mgs of Vit. C daily,  PLUS organic germanium and organic selenium, but that’s only when we are well.  That’s 30X the RDA, which would be 60 sun-ripened oranges, eaten straight after picking!  Sadly, there’s also guidance not to exceed 2000mgs..that being BELOW the needed amount for a healthy person.

Animal studies by other scientist have shown.. that when animals are stressed or sick, they make their own Vit C,  converted to our equivalent bodyweight,  of 15,000mgs a day. (That’s 150X the RDA or 300 sun-ripened oranges).  Most animals synthesize their own Vit. C in their liver,  according to their body state.  Humans and a handful of animals cannot ‘make’ our own vitamin C so we need look to nature’s concentrated sources.

These are rose hips, (2 teaspoons freshly ground),  or 1/4 small pomegranate, blended for 3 minutes including the  seeds and  skin.  or  supplements for the 3000mgs. If you take a supplement ensure it contains the bioflavonoids, rutin and hesperidin. The clear capsules will be a dirty greyish color. Caution.  Long term use of Vitamin C crystalline  powder, dissolved in water will soften the enamel on your teeth. Brushing will eventually destroy the enamel.

How safe are larger doses of Vitamin C? Doctor F R Klenner in the US gave  50,000mgs in an IV drip for snake bite and polio.  A hospital in Japan 30 years ago was ‘curing’ hepatitis C with 10,000mgms IV  daily and was giving 3000mgs before any blood transfusions.. to prevent hepatitis. Hepatitis ‘controlling’ Drugs such  as Viekira Pak cost  $34,600 a year or..  Olysio at $44,800 a year!!!   (Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry Dr Linus Pauling said.. you may have a 10,000mg PLUS cold).

How does the Mainstream ignore this science?   That’s easy. They carried out their own study with mice. They gave the mice Vit. C in their drinking water.. the  equivalent to our 200mgs a day ie 2X our RDA!  The mice drank ad libitum.. whenever thirsty, which resulted in  only minute amounts of Vit C being consumed at any time. The mice showed NO improvement in any of the parameters studied. The scientists claimed that even by doubling the RDA,  there was  ZERO EFFECT on health.. so they ‘safely’ kept the RDAs!  Technically they were correct, 200mgs  consumed in  mgs doses has no effect!

Problem #2. ‘Fresh’ supermarket oranges have been measured with ZERO Vit. C!!   The orange is highest in Vit C when picked at the end of a sunny day and then immediately eaten.  Vit. C degrades with time and with Temperature changes.

Some of the B vitamin RDAs.  These are 1/40 of our precisely calculated needs, Vit. D3  RDA is 1/10th and so on.

Taking full advantage of the ridiculously low  RDA’s food growers and manufacturers are very happy!  They can now claim  their product gives us almost what we need  and more.. in these micro  nutrients.  Ordinary foods are now easily marketed as  ‘super-foods’.  Many will now over-eat  fruit to get even more health-giving vitamin C. They aren’t told that fructose and carbs in fruit is fattening.  Here.  We also we learnt in 2012 from Dr. R. Johnson, U of CO, that eating more than 3 small pieces or slices of fruit raises blood uric acid levels. This in turn raises BP in the sensitive, causes fatty liver, kidney inflammation and stones, and gives gout symptoms!

There’s another possible reason the RDAs are kept ridiculously low.  Consider that in the US after WWI, hospital bed were empty, Little Pharma made Aspirin, cardiologists were not yet invented and there was no ‘Healthy Eating’ advice. Today sickness is a trillion$ annual Industry.  Can you see a connection.

I challenged one of my Fitness Club Members, the Nutrition Professor at the Medical University on why she taught the RDAs, calories, cholesterol, food groups etc.. when surely she knew better..  She answered.. ”Tom, I have to teach what’s in the book”. We do know the Pharma Industry is a major funder of Medical  Universities. See a connection? A sickly, weak, tired, stressed, overweight public is essential  to fuel the US annual 3.5 trillion $ Sickness Industry!!

Tom Turek.

Author..  The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

8. Is green tea healthy?

You’ve been misinformed! Sure.. green tea has health-giving polyphenols, plant chemicals that stop inflammation.. (referred to as anti-oxidants due to their action).  BUT.. egg yolks shave 10X that much!

Green and black  teas are the highest of any consummable in naturally occurring fluoride. Fluoride attracts radioactive particles into the spleen. From there they are  available to start and fuel all malignancies.  Clark, H R, PhD ND. 1995.
Fluoride creates bone damage from fluorosis.. leading to pain and brittle bones. Teeth also get mottled and easily chip. (Children have died of fluoride poisoning after dentists applied fluoride to their teeth and gums, in the hope of preventing cavities).

Green and black teas are high in oxalates.  These plant chemicals  inflame the kidneys, and can cause kidney failure. (New England Journal of Med. 2015. Thailand Drinking excessive green tea led to total kidney failure).  Oxalates also form kidney stones, which can get stuck in the channel  to the bladder. These need  surgical removal!

You may ask.. as green tea is drunk by the litre daily in Japan.. doesn’t their longer lifespan prove it’s benefits?  Not so! In Japan they have near epidemic proportions of stroke, cancers, dementia, diabetes, arthritis and.. in the heavier-boned .. obesity. In the Fitness Clubs in Japan, the over 50s are only permitted to walk on the treadmills, and cannot use weights more than a couple of kilos. The coaches informed me that they are afraid of the Members dropping dead of stroke! Further discussions revealed that they have no idea how arteries clog-up to cause stroke and heart disease.. mistakenly suspecting cholesterol and genetics. We have the answers on a Free Blog Post  here.

In real life.. it’s quite clear that the health-giving  polyphenols in green, (and black)  teas have been far outweighed by their massive negatives.

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

9. Is red wine healthy?

From  the  Journal Neurology we’ve learned that.. men who downed an average of 2.5 drinks per day showed signs of memory loss sooner than men who didn’t drink. Even after they were controlled for memory-affecting factors.. such as their diet and exercise habits and occupation, the connection held.

Alcohol primarily interferes with the ability to form new long–term memories. Also the ability to keep new information active in memory for brief periods. As the amount of alcohol consumed increases, so does the magnitude of the memory impairments. Large amounts of alcohol, particularly if consumed rapidly, can produce partial (i.e., fragmentary) or complete  blackouts, which are periods of memory loss for events that transpired while a person was drinking.

Memory impairment is one of the most common problems associated with alcohol related brain impairment (ARBI). Some people struggle to remember things from day-to-day, while others have difficulty remembering skills, knowledge or information they have learnt in the past.

People with ARBI can experience problems with:

  • learning new information
  • focusing on a topic of conversation
  • retrieving information from the past stored in their memory.
  • remembering recent events or information they have recently acquired
  • making errors when recalling information from memory.

Aaron M White. PhD. Dept. of Psychiatry, Duke U Med C. NC.

Alcohol depletes the body’s B vitamins, especially thiamine, Vit.  B1, which is needed for normal brain function. Alcohol depletes minerals. Drinkers have dropped  dead at the bar..  from a magnesium, Mg deficiency. Mg is needed for your heart to beat!

The Liver.  Most people know that heavy, long term  drinking can damage the liver, but they don’t know that prolonged liver damage can lead to a serious and potentially fatal brain disorder.. hepatic, (liver) encephalopathy.

The hangover and airplane accidents.  Many plane accidents have been correctly blamed on pilots who were quite sober at the time of the accident, but suffering from a severe hangover. They performed dangerous and unnecessary cockpit actions that they were not even aware of!!

What’s the best hangover cure?   Use any cardio machine, or just run on the spot.  Warm-up for a minute at a moderate pace with minimum ‘load’.  Then do 4X 30 second sprints at absolute max effort, (with more load on a machine).  After each sprint  slow down for 90 seconds  with minimum load.  Warm down for a couple of minutes at  a moderate pace with minimum load.

This activity clears the sticky, waxy metabolites, waste product  from alcohol.. that are stuck in your brain’s capillaries, (fine veins).  Normally  50% of these capillaries are shut!  This vigorous shot of exercise raises Blood Pressure by 50% and speeds heart rate by 150% to fully open those capillaries and flush out the metabolites.  Then drink loads of water!   If you feel sleepy., have a 10 minute power nap.

If you do drink, take supplements. Take  Vitamin B complex.. say 100s, and a multi-mineral every day.

If you want to drink, that’s none of my business.. but if you want to quit  drinking.. (or smoking, or eating sugar or any other bad habits).. that’s now not only possible, but quick and easy..  by powering-up your mind.  You’ll achieve this with the new Active Meditation Exercises. They’re easy to master and need just 15 minutes a day. You’ll strengthen your mind to a level not thought possible.  All negative thoughts and emotions will be ‘locked out’.  Clear thinking and precise decision making are yours.  It’s all in The Mind Guide, part of the new 11 Guide set for anti-aging/robust health here.

Tom Turek.

Author..  The Only Natural 3-Step..  Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

10. Fiber intake.. the easy way

This is the Govt’s  Recommended Dietary Allowance of fiber.

Age 50 or younger Age 51 or older
Men 38 grams 30 grams
Women 25 grams 21 grams

You’re advised to consume  fiber for regular bowel movements, (that’s good). BUT also for keeping down your ‘harmful’ cholesterol.. not so. Here. and for ‘feeling full’.. so you don’t consume too many calories and don’t get fat.. not so. Here.

You’re expected to go through life with calculator and notebook in hand and evaluate everything you eat for fiber!! You’re then advised not to eat too much fiber.. as that causes bloating, constipation etc.  That makes this silly exercise even more stressful!

You’re advised to get your fiber mainly from whole-grain products, b/fast cereals, fruit, veges, peas, beans, nuts and seeds.roblems.

Grains. B/fast cereals contain about 40% sugar. For robust heath and weight control, sugar should be.. Z E R O. 76 harmful effects on health and.. the 50% fructose content of sugar is almost immediately converted into body fat by your liver!   You’re not told that all grains are high in lectin plant phenols, chemicals that desensitize cell membranes to insulin, causing insulin over production. Grains are also high in leptin plant hormones that interrupt signaling between the liver and pancreas, causing insulin disruptions. These 2 cause obesity and diabetes2

Wheat and most other grains raise blood sugar.  A slice of organic whole wheat bread raises blood sugar more than a candy bar.  Grains are high in carbs that fatten.  See Post #9. Grains raise  artery-calcifying tri-glycerides and are  high in phytates that block calcium and iron absorption. A  slice a day won’t harm!
Fruit. Fruit is high in fructose that is converted directly into body fat in your liver. Eating more than 3 slices or small pieces of fruit a day raises blood uric acid levels. These cause fatty liver, kidney inflammation, kidney stones, and gout symptoms. Johnson R, Dr., 2012, U of CO.
Legumes are high in carbs that fatten. They contain phytates that block absorption of minerals. Nuts are also high in phytates.  Nuts and seeds need to be chewed to a fine paste to retrieve their nutrients.
Fiber for cholesterol control?  Cholesterol is essential for life. All high cholesterol foods protect arteries. 2 egg yolks daily have enough antioxidants to stop arterial inflammation.. and  that’s what also leads to clogging.  Butter and cream synthesize the B vitamins in the gut that lower artery-clogging homocysteine.  Grass fed animal fats have protective Om3, LCFAs and CLA.  see TESTIMONIALS Steve Appedale here. 
A high cholesterol diet ensures the integrity of your double cell membranes..   40% of these are composed of  cholesterol!!  This diet makes it very difficult for invaders to cross your cell membranes, i.e. dyes, heavy metals, viruses, radio-active compounds etc. there to damage DNA.. that risking a malignancy. Clark H R, PhD ND, 1995.
Fiber makes you feel full? That’s meaningless as it’s the carbs that fatten.. not the amount eaten.  see Weight Loss and Workout Guide here).
Your  fiber solution is very simple.  Into your already blended b/fast mix or into a morning glass of water or milk,  mix a tablespoon of ‘rolled/hammered uncooked oats’.  Vary this amount depending on your bowel movements.. less if your movement is too ‘solid’, more if it’s  too soft. That’s it!!   For the world’s healthiest b/fast. see Our Food Guide. Breakfast here).

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT  here).


11. How to prevent cancer naturally

The answers are in.. but Cancer Inc has made sure their 1/3trillion$ Industry isn’t even slightly dented.. with cancer prevention and cure. This cunningly done by keeping the data secret and illegal to apply. You’re on your own here, but now you have the weapons to prevent 98%, or fight.. and win most battles.

The cure and prevention of cancer exists.  It’s in the 600 pages of The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, 2007, Clark H R PhD ND. Dr. Clark’s works are based on over  1/2million reproducible, so scientifically valid bio-resonance tests. Dr. Clark precisely identified the causative bacteria, parasites, viruses, dyes, heavy metals, molds, radioactive compounds etc and traced their pathways.  Dr Clark’s works have NOT been ‘officially published’ in any Medical or Science Journal. This very fact makes it illegal for the doc to even mention her work, let alone cure you with it!  How does Cancer Inc prevent ‘official publication’?

In the US in the mid 1980s, Dr Robert Good.. the then leader in immunology, with the world’s  first bone marrow transplant, and with over 2000 medical research  papers already published.. discovered the natural, diet based, enzynatic cure for pancreatic cancer. He was refused publication in all Medical Journals.  The Journals informed him that his cure didn’t fit in with the  ‘concepts of this time’.
In the UK, the 1939 UK Cancer Act PROHIBITS  the publication of any cancer cure. It also PROHIBITS discussion of  cancer cures among any persons apart from Reg. Med. Docs!
The cancer cures are in: Dr. Clark’s protocols.  Hoxey’s herbs.. (“the quack who cured cancer”.  He was arrested over 100 times, more times than any other medical practitioner, but his Texan prosecutor subsequently became his attorney after Hoxey cured his brother of cancer)!  Germany’s ozone, (that cured Pres. Reagan’s lung cancer).  Dr. Burzynsksi’s secret formula in Texas. Drs. Beck and Rife’s electrical resonance devices.  Caution.. essiac that cured Sen. Ted Kennedy’s son’s ‘incurable’ bone cancer and Jason Winters 3 herb tea that cured his jaw cancer.. have each been gutted of one vital ingredient by Govts!
Cancer fighters today.  If one has cancer, one should apply  as many of these concepts as  possible due to the multiple causes.  Curcumin, 2 teaspoons a day.  Vitamin D3, 8000iu. Get your vitamin D3 from the sun here  Cannabis oil. Papaya leaf tea,  green or dried leaves and stems simmered for 10 minutes, then diluted and drunk all day.  It tastes horribly medicinal, so not much fun for prevention!
Where do you start, with all this mass of  data, when you, a relative or close friend is diagnosed with cancer? Buy The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers,  Hulda Clark, PhD ND. mentioned above.   Sure, it’s 600 pages long.. but go to Chapter 15.  2-week stop cancer program.. and START. Also purchase as many of the  items as you can find  from the Cancer fighters.. above para.   NOTE. If essiac  is available, only get it if it has wild turkey rhubarb root. If  Jason Winters is available it must have chaparal. These are the 2  vital ingredients Govts. have tried  to ban.
It also makes much sense to boost our own immune system. Dr. Clark  measured all her cancer patients had  a collapsed immune system!  We must keep our immune systems fully revv-ed up.. this  by 1st stopping overburdening it and only then by boosting it.  The Creation gave us the weapons with which to fight cancers 24/7. These weapons are our  ‘killer’ white blood cells, WBCs the leukocytes. They’re termed CD4s, CD8s and CD14s. Non-stop, when not overwhelmed(!), they search out, identify, gang-up on, then.. destroy by engulfing.. to digest or excrete, spearing and/or poisoning our cancer-causing.. parasites, bacteria,, viruses, mold, heavy metals, dyes, radioactive compounds, tumor,  benzene,, asbestos etc. The CD14s are so powerful that when a CD8 is overwhelmed while fighting tumor, the CD14 will engulf and digest that struggling CD8.  (see  The Immune Guide  here)
When googling Dr Clark you may come across vitriolic comments from the Cancer Industry’s gatekeepers. They shout.. Dr. Clark died of cancer. Well, even if she did, that does NOT invalidate her 60 years of science-backed work.  Yes, Dr. Clark did  die of cancer.  in her mid eighties, she had her car brake-lines  deliberately CUT, crashed and broke her neck!!  She suffered severe pain and was unable to continue testing  for her work or on herself.  She died of the rare myolemia cancer whose symptoms mimic a severe cold.
NOTE:   I have no financial interest in the Dr. Clark organization. I’ve used her protocols, have  her Zapper device that kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, and boosts the WBCs activity, and her Synchrometer bio-resonance tester.. since she first published in 1995.. .

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step..  Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See  ABOUT here).


12. The ‘Mediterranean Diet’ is a fake.

Is the  famous,  low-animal fat Mediterranean Diet really heart protective.. or is it just a clever olive oil promo?  Let’s see..

First.. let’s research whether there’s such a diet in the 1st place!  This diet we are to assume is consumed by countries bordering  the Mediterranean Sea.  What’s really eaten there?

In Italy they traditionally cook with: goose fat, lard or butter depending on the region; in Greece they daily eat high saturated fat feta goat cheese; in Spain and Portugal they consume huge amounts of fatty beef, pork and plenty of eggs; in France they cook with butter and cream, and eat much full fat cheese. (There’s no ‘French Paradox’ that states that..  because the French drink red wine, high in the anti-oxidant resveratrol, they have little heart disease.. simply because dietary cholesterol doesn’t narrow arteries).   See why the high sat-fat diet cleans your arteries! Here. See Testimonials here Read Steve Appedale’s story..

Missing in the olive oil, fish and vegetable Mediterranean Diet are..  The heart  protective Omega3, conjugated linoleic acid, and long chain fatty acids from grass fed animal fats.  The B vitamins that are synthesized in the gut from cream and butter.. with the B6, B12 and folates reducing artery-clogging homocysteine. The  egg yolks with their selenium, l-cysteine amino acids and vitamin anti-oxidants.. that stop artery inflammation.  Eating piles of vegetables is hardly  the solution for clean arteries..  when you consider vegetables’ available nutrients.  Read vege facts your dietician daren’t tell here.

NOTE: Olives and olive oil are high in 3 allergens, phloridzin, chlorogenic acid, and gallic acid which respectively inflame the pituitary, hypothalamus in the brain and the pancreas, These 3 inflamed parts degrade, their parts circulate and join up to form the cancer nucleus. That nucleus is needed, with a few other factors present.. to start and fuel all malignancies. Clark H R. PhD ND. 2007.  See here.

So how do you keep arteries clean? The secrets are in the Fat, Protein and Carbs Guide and Our Food Guide.guide,  (click  here).

Will the Mediterranean diet reduce cancer risk?

Some fruit and veg. just cannot address the now identified causes.

There’s oodles of Vitamin C in fruit.  Will it protect me?  See here for the vitamin C RDA myth!!


Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974(read ABOUT here).

13. is msg safe?

MSG, monosodium glutamate is  a  flavor enhancer labeled..  GRAS, Generally Regarded As Safe.  But is it?

In Japan in 1908, K. Ikeda invented the food ingredient, MSG and  formed a company to produce it.  Manufactured MSG  appeared in the US in the late 1940s.   All of us  should avoid MSG.. not only those vying for  optimum health, or those who’ve had adverse reactions.

MSG is neurotoxic.. is damages the nerves in all humans.  In mouse experiments it damaged the inner retina of the eye.  When some of the mice in that experiment became overly obese, the scientists  traced this to physical damage in the hypothalamus region of the brain.  This finding led to MSGs removal from baby foods… but not from your food!

Also.. neuroscientists have implicated MSG in a number of the neurodegenerative diseases, including ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease,  and Huntington’s disease.

Apart from physical nerve damage, approx. 25% have adverse reactions  to MSG.  This condition is termed  “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.”  MSG is toxic to all humans but only  25% of the population suffer adverse reactions.   People differ in their tolerances to MSG, but suffer similar reactions each time they exceed their tolerance.   The reaction  time will vary from immediate to up 48 hours! Alcohol or exercise prior to, during or following an MSG-containing meal worsens the reactions! Overdose can lead to erratic heart beat, which will not ‘normalize’ until MSG intake is totally stopped for a month. Very large overdoses have led to cardiac arrest, DEATH!

Adverse reactions can be ..

A list of   MSG-induced adverse reactions

Arrhythmia  Atrial fibrillation  Tachycardia  – Rapid heartbeat  – Palpitations  Slow heartbeat  Angina  Extreme rise or drop

….in blood pressure




Diarrhea  Nausea/vomiting  Stomach cramps  Irritable bowel Swelling of hemorrhoids

….and/or anus area Rectal bleeding  Bloating


Flu-like achiness  Joint pain  Stiffness



Depression  Mood swings  Rage reactions  Migraine headache  Dizziness  Light-headedness  Loss of balance  Disorientation  Mental confusion  Anxiety  Panic attacks  Hyperactivity  Behavioral problems in children  Attention deficit disorders  Lethargy  Sleepiness  Insomnia  Numbness or paralysis

Seizures  Sciatica  Slurred speech  Chills and shakes  Shuddering


Blurred vision  Difficulty focusing  Pressure around eyes


Asthma Shortness of breath  Chest pain  Tightness in the chest  Runny nose  Sneezing

Urological / Genital

Bladder pain (with frequency) Swelling of the prostate  Swelling of the vagina  Vaginal spotting  Frequent urination  Nocturia


Hives (internal and/or external) Rash Mouth lesions Temporary tightness or partial             ….paralysis (numbness or tingling)

….the skin  Flushing  Extreme dryness of the mouth/thirst Face swelling  Tongue swelling  Bags under eyes

With a list like this it’s best to try to avoid any MSG.  If you’ve had an adverse reaction, suspect MSG, and try to identify the food it was in.  This is much more important than wasting time on silly exercises like to trying  to get enough fiber in your diet. see BLOGS Post #9 for the short cut!.  Remember that even if you don’t have any of these adverse reactions.. MSG is still damaging your brain!

Today MSG  is found in almost all processed foods,  in all bacon, most ham, sausages and salami, in soy products, seasoning mixes, school lunch programs, fast foods and snack foods.  It’s in nearly all restaurants food, even fresh salads (in the Far East)!   Avoiding processed foods and prepared meals is the safest route, especially if you’ve already triggered erratic heartbeat!   If you’re lucky, you’ll note  the label  shows it as..  MSG, E620. E621, E622, E623, E624  or flavor enhancer, yeast extract,  hydrolyzed protein, or sodium caseinate.   (In the Far East,  I always learn the local word for MSG to ask the chef if it’s in the food.  In some places I’ve  ended up with just a plate of fried eggs as all dishes/outlets had only ‘MSG dishes’).

Some mainstream writers claim this subject is  controversial.. but that’s only because research  funded by MSG producers tries to discredit others findings. They claim that only those who’ve had adverse  reactions are affected, but then go on to claim the reactions were probably due to allergens.. whereas the scientific literature says otherwise.

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (read ABOUT here).

14. Food Alert! Fish sauce & palm oil warnings!

Fish sauce is liberally added to very many dishes in  Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Fish sauce is used in these countries in dishes much  like table salt is used in Western cooking, (and soy sauce used in Chinese and Japanese cooking).  The fish is heavily salted then left to ferment for 9 months to a year.  (Salt cautions here ). During this lengthy fermentation Halophilic lactic acid bacteria are formed. Scientists have isolated from fermented fish sauce mashes and noted that.. 

These bacteria form 3 toxic compounds. a). 1-Propanol, similar to ethanol in its effects on the human body, but 2-4 times more potent. These effects are alcoholic intoxication and acidosis;  b) 2-methyl propanol.  This chemical is inflammable and harmful if swallowed; c) Benzaldehyde, causing gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, central nervous system depression, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, unconsciousness, coma and possible death due to respiratory failure.

(Various studies.. Department of Fishing and Post-Harvest Technology, Chittagong.  Thailand Agriculture & Fisheries Dept. Chiang Mai.)

One may assume that as the S.E. Asians are ‘slim and healthy’,  fish sauce should be safe to  consume.  I live in a S.E. Asian country where fish sauce is in many dishes. Although government statistics quote  the population’s life-span  as  72 years,  it’s very common for reported deaths, from ‘natural causes’, (not cancer, heart attack nor stroke),  to be in the 48-50 age group.   No doubt fish sauce and.. MSG (here), and sugar in nearly all food, (including salads).. hardly helped.

Many eateries obligingly omit the fish sauce, (and MSG and sugar),  if  asked.  Of course that still leaves the diner with the often toxic cookware! (read more here). Eating out in SE Asia is a minefield for the Health Conscious!

Palm oil is today considered as a healthy alternative for a cooking oil.

The Refining of Palm Oil, according to The Industry..  occurs primarily to improve the color, odor, taste and shelf life of the product, in order to increase its salability. Nothing at all mentioned about the health-giving properties of the  refined palm oil..  quite simply because it has none.  The bright orange-red, slightly bitter and stinking raw palm oil isn’t at all suitable for sale for the general public!

That needs  extreme steam heating and chemical extraction that results in an odor-less, pale golden, tasteless  oil that’s no longer ‘natural’. What is left for us mortals  has been oxidized by the excess heating.  That oxidation created free radicals, unpaired electrons that zap your DNA, this damaging  the cells of our bodies.

Meanwhile the crude bright orange palm oil, rich in components that impart unique nutritional properties such as tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E), carotenoids (vitamin A and β-carotene) and FFA, (free fatty acids) is consumed only at home in Ghana by  families who harvest the  palm kernals for the refineries. The health of their children is exemplary!

A partly refined, but still   ‘crude’ palm oil was once available on some Far East supermarket shelves and a few International Health Food stores, but is no longer so. Maybe the Palm Oil Industry noted that if the health conscious were paying a premium for the ‘crude’ oil, their refined oil may not be quite so ‘healthy’.. even though it’s promoted as .. low cholesterol, (which in any case is meaningless as explained here.  Your healthy alternatives are also there).

Reading through the palm oil refining process, of interest is that great attention is paid to not damaging the solids that are extracted during steam heating, as this ‘cake’ is destined for the Animal Feed Industry! No such luck for us mortals.

Note. Rapeseed, canola oil and soy oils are quite toxic. google The Weston A Price Foundation, Dr. Mary Enig.. on these subjects.

Tom Turek 

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, hereThe 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974(read ABOUT here)

15. Coffee Healthy or not?

Did you think coffee is healthful..  and quite harmless?

Coffee is an extremely powerful commodity, reigning as the world’s most heavily traded product, behind petroleum.  Coffee is the largest food import of the United States. Health is rarely mentioned in any coffee discussion, except maybe the Dr. Gerson coffee enemas used as a ‘primary therapeutic approach of treating cancer’, (not curing)!  Here’s what Coffee Inc. don’t want you to know about their multi-billion$ product..

Caffeic acid in coffee is an allergen that inflames 8 different specific body parts. An inflamed part allows easy entry to the cancer nucleus and cancer complex to there start and fuel a malignancy. Clark H R, PhD ND 2007. Here’s what else shouldn’t really know about cancer. http://tthairsolutions.com/11-why-do-most-lose-their…/

Coffee is neuro-excitory, a brain stimulant. Even when drunk early in the day, or by those with a good tolerance to caffeine, Caffeine interferes with human growth hormone, HGH release. HGH needs deep (REM) sleep for stable release. Caffeine reduces REM sleep. HGH releases normally occur through the night, getting smaller towards morning. HGH’s main function is to carry out cell repairs, keep immunity strong, ‘refresh’ the physical brain, help memory storage etc.

Caffeine is a bladder irritant needing more nightly bathroom visits. This also disrupts normal HGH release patterns.

Caffeine causes the heart to contract forcefully. Sometimes the heart will miss a beat, then giving a very strong beat, an ectopic focus. This gives a scary thump in the chest. Long term effects of much ectopic focus are unknown.

Caffeine constricts arteries. Thus it can raise blood pressure, especially for those who don’t normally drink coffee or drink little.  Excessive artery constriction can interfere with the male erection.

Caffeine overdose can lead to death. This  has occurred from caffeine in just several energy drinks.

Coffee is a diuretic, resulting in excessive loss of water soluble vitamins B and C , and some minerals.

Caffeine interferes with bone ossification, density. This can lead to greater risk of bone fractures. This is dose dependent, but heavy caffeine consumers should take note. This is due to caffeine depleting body calcium, with this pathway ongoing long after the coffee has been consumed.

Coffee interferes with the absorption of..  Vitamin A, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphate and sodium.

Caffeine is addictive with serious withdrawal symptoms.  These are headaches that move around the head, sleepiness, irritability, lethargy, constipation, depression, muscle pain or stiffness, lack of concentration, flu-like symptoms and insomnia.

Tom Turek 

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, hereThe 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974(read ABOUT here)

16. How to prevent arteries clogging-up.

The 3 main causes of arteries calcifying, clogging-up are..

1. High blood homocysteine. This needs to be lowered with B vitamins B12, B6 and *folates. Surprise. Butter and cream synthesize all the B vitamins in the gut with the help of the ‘friendly bacteria’. In a long term, large scale study..  two study groups were geographically separated by their work. They were of the same genetic origin, the same age group and the same activity level.

Those that ended up in the North cooked all their food in butter and ate plenty of meat and animal fat. They smoked more than the Southern group. The Southern group had a pure vegetarian diet, even the oils from seeds. YET… The Southerners had 15X (fifteen times) the heart disease incidence of the Northerners.  Note butter also contains vitamin K2..  that directs calcium to hard tissues, bones, and away from soft tissues, arteries! (Malhotra SL, Dr. 1974- Published 11X in The Lancet Med. J).

Butter is high in…  Vitamins A and D, essential to the proper absorption of calcium, necessary for strong bones and teeth; the  protective omega fatty acids are in perfect proportion;  health giving: arichidonic acid, short and medium chain fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid;  iodine, selenium, manganese, zinc, chromium, and lecithin.. in a form  easily utilized by the body.

Raw milk butter and cream have the Wulzen factor that protects joints against calcification,  preventing cataracts and preventing calcification of the pineal gland in the brain. Idiotic Mainstream Health advice is to greatly reduce or eliminate butter and cream.

2. Artery inflammation is caused by insufficient anti-oxidants in the diet. This
inflammation is shown by a high LDL ‘marker’ reading,  and leads to calcification,. Surprise. 2 egg yolks daily have sufficient anti-oxidants, selenium, l-cysteine amino acid and vitamins to stop inflammation in arteries, and thus prevent calcification from this cause.   Egg yolks  are  high: in vitamin K2; in the phosphotidyls.. serine and choline both essential for the nervous system and the development of young brains and maintenance of older ones! 2 or more egg yolks at breakfast stabilize blood sugars through the day, preventing the after lunch and dinner  ‘lows’. Idiotic Mainstream health advice is for just 2 yolks a week.  ‘Smart’ parents assume that if egg yolks are that dangerous/bad, maybe they should be eliminated altogether.. even from their children’s diet..  the kids will lose their phosphotidyl brain foods.


3 High triglycerides are blood fats elevated by too many carbs, especially sugar and.. alcohol. Idiotic Mainstream health advice, based on their  food group, food pyramid guide is to consume carb-loaded grains up to 11X daily!!  


Interestingly.. grass fed animal fat is high in protective Omega3, CLA and LCFA.

*Massive doses of folic acid in a China study of 3mgs a day, (a big green salad only has 1/7 of that),  reversed ‘narrowing’ in the carotid artery.. as confirmed by ultra sound.

Does exercise clean arteries or keep then clean?  NO. In Hawaii in 1979 a 28 year old competitive marathon runner died of blocked arteries.  Did his arteries suddenly block-up? NO. His arteries started calcifying in his infancy.

3 year olds autopsies have shown arteries starting calcification.  This was from the high sugar content of baby formulas and foods. Some top brand baby formulas have sugar listed as the 1st item, i.e. the heaviest of contents. Yet the Mainstream claims sugar is nutrient-free energy, and IGNORES the negatives. Why? A powerful sugar lobby that even has the Health Authorities ‘recommending’ (!!!)  6 teaspoons of sugar daily when it should be zero!!

How did sugar affect the infants?   It depleted their B vitamins, 3 were needed to  needed to lower causative homocysteine; it reduced vitamin C availability,  that needed to stop artery inflammation; and raised  causative triglycerides. Autopsies on 22 year old US Vietnam casualties have shown arteries almost totally blocked as this diet continued.

Not forgetting that a depleted B vitamin  state  also causes.. jaws to be smaller, resulting in crooked and.. cavities with rotten teeth. (Dr. Weston A Price).

Why do docs, nutritionists dieticians etc. advise against eating these protective foods that  are high in animal fats?  Many suspect that.. to be able to easily prescribe the useless, toxic statin drugs.. fats are today made to look B A D, clog arteries and fatten. They do neither!   When the doc advises the  poorly-informed patient to lower their bad cholesterol, they happily agree. The patient is not told that statins are designed to artificially alter the LDL reading.

The LDL indicates the amount of ongoing inflammation in the artery.. NOTHING ELSE.  You will have noted in Para 2 above, that anti-oxidants are needed to stop arterial inflammation. As statins contain ZERO anti-oxidants, they can neither slow nor stop your arteries clogging-up from this cause.  Statins have many side effects, the worst one being the blocking of  your body’s synthesis of enzyme Q10, that needed for the  heart muscle contraction!!! Nor does the patient know that statins are a 25B$ annual Industry.. based on cheating!!

EDTA, ethylene diamene tetra acetic-acid is an amino acid, a protein that our bodies make a little of.  When inexpensive oral EDTA supplements are taken for 6 months, (2Xdaily),  or  expensive IV is done for  3months, (2x weekly for 40 minutes),  the   EDTA cleans out the  calcium deposits from your 30kms of your arteries..   so no more fear of stroke or heart  attack.   EDTA  has a further 19 beneficial side effects!!  IV EDTA is  only ‘legal’ for lead poisoning, so you need a friendly Doc to administer it,  (not so long ago in US it was a criminal offense with a jail term to administer EDTA.. for any other purpose).  Or find a friendly country where it’s advertised for ‘chelation’.. artery ‘cleaning’, (Thailand).. Or take the oral version, that banned in the UK by corrupt Govt. officials!

See Testimonials here. Read Steve Appedale’s story. Clean arteries from my diet.
My story. At 78 I have clean arteries. About 15 years ago I had a high speed heart scan that showed a trace of calcium deposit in one artery, (probably from eating too much sugar, white bread and no vitamins at boarding school in Africa). I then used some oral EDTA to clean that out. see About here.

After using EDTA you must keep your arteries clean. Follow  the correct diet described above. Sadly those who survived a heart attack, and had by-pass surgery or stents are strongly advised to follow the low-cholesterol diet..  thus losing their protectors!!  . As expected in less than 5 years many need another by-pass operation or stent rework, when possible. Chances of dying from by-pass op. is 25%; chances of permanent brain damage is 25%; chances of another op in 5 years is 25%.  And not forgetting that 85% of strokes is from clogged arteries!  The odds are really against you if let your arteries get clogged up.. but now you know how to keep them clean!!

With this free advice, courtesy World Wide Inc Ltd you just saved yourself from..
Aortic Resection and Anastomosis.. Average Total Cost: $134,454
Coronary Artery By-pass graft. Average Total  Cost:  $160,477
Operative Heart Procedures. Average Total Cost: $165,488
…and that’s why you’re NOT informed of these vital facts!!

Tom Turek 
CEO Worldwide Inc. Ltd

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974(read ABOUT here)

17. Vegetables protect from heart disease and cancer. Yes or no?

Healthy eating advice from the Mainstream, (Doctors, Dieticians, Nutritionists etc.) leans heavily on vegetables, (and fruit) to give us robust health and to protect us from heart disease, cancer and lesser ailments. However there are three major flaws with this concept.   WHY aren’t you informed of any of these?

First problem..  Vegetables, (and fruit), over millions of years have genetically modified themselves to create compounds to protect themselves against animals, pests, viruses, bacteria, mold and so on.  These compounds have negative effects on our health.  Some are highly toxic in small amounts, even the lesser toxic may be in large amounts in food.. all affect us.  Examples.. oxalic acid in spinach, rhubarb,  (plums and..green and black tea), blocks calcium absorption, inflames kidneys and can lead to kidney stones. (Kidney failure. Oxalic acid. New Eng. J of Med. 2016)

Solanine glycol-alkaloids in the potato, tomato, egg plant, and peppers cause Rhumatoid arthritis, RA.. as these vegetables belong to the same family as the deadly nightshade plant, the atropa belladonna.  (US Agric. Dept. 1974)  TIP. If you have RA, zero these for a 6 month gradual reversal, if  no RA, moderate these. Potato is the worst offender, then tomato, other 2 not so bad.

Still with the potato, (and all apples apart from very ripe Golden and Red Delicious). They’re all high in another plant chemical, phloridzin, that’s  involved in the ripening process of vegetables and fruit.  Phlorodzin inflames our brain’s pituatary gland, that then degrades, it’s parts circulates and  join up with  2 other organs’  ‘degraded’ parts. These 3 parts  join-up to form the cancer nucleus., needed to start and fuel all malignancies, (other identified ‘factors’ are also needed). (Clark H R, PhD ND, 1995). 

Second problem.  The health-giving nutrients in vegetables aren’t always available for us..  Heating, even a quick stir-fry, destroys 90% of the B vitamins.  A short boil destroys 50% of the phyto-nutrients, a longer boil destroys 100%.  Minerals are thrown out with the water after boiling.  Raw vegetables have most of their nutrients tightly locked in their cells, rarely digestible by us. (That’s why cows have 2 stomachs)!  Juicing will get them out, but one must be careful the juicer blades don’t  heat-up.. as they’ll release DNA-damaging chromium and nickel into our juice/blend.

Third problem.  the Recommended Dietary Allowance, RDA for each vitamin, mineral etc.  The RDA  is supposed to give us protective, good health.. yet the amount published is insignificant in real life. Science has determined we need 10X to 150X (for Vitamin C), of the RDAs of most vitamins!  The RDAs may prevent a deficiency disease, which was the function of their first calculations/guesstimates, but surely we need more than that.

The published  RDAs may well be designed to make vegetables, grains, and fruit appear to be super-nutrients, and even to contain a good part of our daily requirements in a couple of pieces, (oranges). This is great for the Food Industry.. but not for our well-being.   Further.. nutrients in vegetables (and fruit) decrease with storage time and temperature changes.. even down to zero vitamin C that’s been  measured in ‘fresh’ supermarket oranges!!  This is explained in the BLOG Posts here.

The properties of most food.. vegetables, fruit, teas, etc  from  very good, to  good,  to bad and to very bad are listed here.

For 99% protection from  heart disease and stroke, and no.. it’s not fruit and vegetables.. read   here.  Further proof read Steve Appedale’s story here.

And.. for 95% cancer protection, again it’s not fruit and vegetables. Here’s what the annual 1/3Trillion$  Cancer Industry doesn’t want you to know.. here

18. Grains for health. Yes or no?

How up to date..  or even scientifically valid is the Mainstream’s advice to eat grains up to 11X daily? It’s neither!

Our ‘Healthy Eating’ advice comes  from the US National Institute of  Health,  NIH, the US Agric. Dept. and others. It’s based on their Food Groups, Food Pyramid, RDAs and some other ideas.  We are strongly advised, by Govt. Health Authorities, (they heavily ‘influenced’  by the grain industry),  that we should eat grains  5-6X daily, to even make up to 15% of our daily food intake.  Yet, it’s more like 11X daily, as they broaden the recommendation to foods high in starches to 11 servings in which the 6 servings of grains are included. So those 11 servings include bread, pasta, and cereal on top of potatoes, rice, and corn. The only thing not in the grain category there is the potato!!

(The Sugar Industry recently admitted they’d fiddled  the studies they’d funded. We’ve now ended up with a recommendation to consume  6 teaspoons of sugar daily, as if it were a vital, heath-giving nutrient.. yet in science it has 76 harmful effects)!!

The  Food Pyramid is heavily biased towards starches and heavily against FAT and meat.  While you may assume this is correct, it leaves you totally unaware of the ‘dark side’ of grains. hence the current overweight epidemics worldwide,  here and high incidence of arterial clogging,  leading to heart attack and stroke here .  Here’s what they don’t tell.. even if they knew.

All grains are high in harmful plant compounds. Lectin, a  plant phenol, chemical desensitizes cell membranes to insulin, (the hormone that take sugar out of your blood and puts it into your cells). This causes insulin over production. Grains are also high in leptin plant hormones that interrupt signaling between the liver and pancreas, causing insulin disruptions. These 2 cause obesity and diabetes2.  Grains are  high in phytates that block calcium and iron absorption.

It’s been reported that on a zero grain, zero sugar diet .. diabetes2 has been reversed in a month. Note. The reports refer to  the original high fat Paleo  diet.  Is that  really healthy? Yes. See Testimonials here, and read Steve Appedale’s story. 

Wheat and most other grains raise blood sugar.  A slice of organic whole wheat bread raises blood sugar more than a candy bar.

Grains are high in carbs that fatten
. Digested carbs 1st top-up muscle and liver glycogen, stored sugar. The rest is rapidly converted to body fat in the cells’ mitochondria, the energy organelle. Meanwhile digested fat only slowly converts to useable energy molecules in the liver.

Grains high carb content raises  artery-calcifying tri-glycerides. White flour has residual chlorine from  bleaching that depletes immune-boosting body-stores of  selenium. Knowing more about your immune system will one day save your life. It’s not so complicated with easy to follow concepts!  Here

Grain’s  Celiac disease, leaky gut, has over 300 symptoms, so you won’t know if you have it!  Some of the symptoms are  abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, and diarrhea every time you eat bread, rice, or pastries.

Lactose intolerance is frequently a side effect of celiac disease. Celiacs who eat gluten, a compound in wheat..  become lactose intolerant.. so can no longer digest milk sugar.

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974.  (See ABOUT here).

19. Healthiest Breakfast


Notes. The more of the listed items you consume, the better.  The idea is to supply the  needed micro-nutrients to the 1000s of ongoing chemical reactions in your body, (many of which are still unexplored)!  We do this by flooding the cells with super-nutrients and let the chemical reactions utilize what’s available.. to operate at their top performance..

Pre B/fast. 1. On awaking take your yoghurt or kefir probiotics, 2 tablespoons is sufficient. At that time your stomach acid, (HCl) is still neutral and won’t digest/kill most of the friendly bacteria. If you purchase ‘time release’ probiotics, they can be taken at any time of the day. If you get your probiotics from fermented cabbage, sauerkraut or kimchi.. that can be eaten at any time as not all the bacteria will be damaged by your digestive acid.

Pre B/Fast. 2. ½ hour after your probiotics.. gulp down take very large glass of herbal tea. This places sudden fluidal pressure on the kidneys to help dislodge kidney stones. For herbal teas.. choose hibiscus, (for blood pressure control), or any favorite you may have. You can rotate these teas, say 2 weeks for each one. Don’t consume green or black teat any time! Explained  here .

The breakfast mix. Into a high speed blender place as many of the listed items as you can source. Blend for at least 3 minutes or until the peanuts and pomegranate seed have become a fine paste. Ensure the mix does not get hot, otherwise the blender’s steel blades will release toxic chromium and nickel. You can keep the bananas in the fridge, or even add some ice. Note. There is no mention here of calories, fat, saturated fat, fiber, RDAs of vitamins etc. When you read through the free blog posts you’ll note that all those are based on meaningless, outdated theories.

1. I cup of raw or micro filtered milk, cow sheep goat camel.. all are excellent. If no raw milk is available, use full cream pasteurized milk.
Pasteurization destroys 90% of the phosphotase enzyme needed for calcium absorption. Heat sensitive immune boosting (gamma globulin) proteins are damaged. A new-born calf fed only on pasteurized milk dies in 6 weeks. The cream in whole milk interacts with the friendly bacteria in the gut to synthesize the B vitamins. Explained here. The lactose milk sugar will aid your workout if you exercise before 1pm.

2.  Two tablespoons fresh raw peanuts.
This gives you the needed organic germanium and organic selenium that your immune system needs to fully rev-up, (with the needed 3gms of vitamin C. Note 3.). The peanuts need to be as fresh as possible, otherwise they develop quite toxic molds, (aflo-toxins). If you doubt the freshness, rinse in a weak vitamin C solution, say one 500mg cap dissolve in a glass of water. Keep the unused peanuts in the freezer. You can also chew 2 Brazil nuts, more expensive and you’d need to chew them to a fine paste, or place them into the blender.

Peanuts also give you resveratrol, the anti-oxidant that’s in red wine. Resveratrol tightens/prevents loss of the ‘spindles on your telemeres’. These are the protective ends on the DNA strand in every cell. When these spindles are damaged, then the  next  ‘printed’ cell will take-on the damage from the previous cell, repeating the aging damage!

3. ¼ of a small pomegranate or 1/8 of a large pomegranate.. including the skin and seeds.
Cut out just the segment you need from the pomegranate, refrigerate  the remainder. This gives the 3 gms of vitamin C needed to rev-up your immune system. Forget trying to get your Vitamin C from oranges!! Fresh supermarket oranges have been measured with zero vitamin C, and in any case you’d need 60 sun-ripened, freshly-picked oranges to get your optimum  3 gms of Vitamin C a day! See here .

4. One  large or 2 small ripe bananas.
These give you the energy needed for a mid morning to early afternoon exercise session. The bananas also keep the b/fast mix very thick, this needed for the blender blades to be able to mash the peanuts and the pomegranate seeds into a fine paste.

5. Slice of fresh pineapple and or papaya.
Both super-foods, pineapple for it’s bromelain enzymes that speeds up your cell replacement. Papaya for it’s pepsinase digestive enzymes.. with a similar action to bromelain. Caution. Don’t fill up the blender with fruit, as more than 3 small pieces or slices contain 25 gms of fructose.. which will raise uric acid levels. This will in turn raise BP in the sensitive and cause fatty liver, kidney inflammation and gout symptoms. Johnson R. Dr. U of CO. 2012.,

6. 2 tablespoons of brown/black rice.
If you’re doing cardio exercise mid-morning to early afternoon, this is needed for the extra energy. You MUST soak the rice overnight to start germination.. This knocks out the many negatives in all grains. Freeze the cooked rice  in 2 tablespoon packs. Don’t consume red rice as that contains similar chemical compounds to statin meds! Unfermented grains. even whole wheat have many problems! Here .

7. 2 teaspoons sugar-free cocoa.
This will add flavor and release nitric oxide in the blood which relaxes arteries and normalises blood pressure. Cocoa is a slow-acting, long lasting Viagra.. (ready by late pm).

Optional. You can add more health boosters into your mix.. without increasing it’s volume. If available.. add green papaya leaf, a palm-sized piece, (powerful anti-cancer properties); and a handful of fresh green moringa leaves, (marum in Thailand), maybe this the new ‘super anti-ager’?

The next items do not go through the blender.

1. 2 raw egg yolks. Gently mixed into the ready blend.
Wash the shells well. This reduces your chance of catching salmonella, (which is not life-threatening and self-limiting).. to 1 in 30K. Raw egg yolks are one of your best nutrients. They contain the vital brain and nervous system foods, the phosphotidyls serine and choline, vital for the very young and us oldies!  Yolks are powerful artery  protectors! Here .  The egg whites must be cooked, (for lunch)? as raw whites block the absorption of many nutrients such as the B vitamin Biotin. The Mainstream’s idiotic advice is to  consume only 2 yolks a week!  Sadly the ill-informed but caring parents often stop their children eating egg yolks, assuming that they’re so harmful even to adults.

2. 1 heaped tablespoon uncooked rolled oats. Mixed into the ready blend.
This gives you the fiber needed for your gut and colon muscles to be well activated, (peristalsis), to avoid constipation. You’ll need to drink at least 3 full glasses of water a day for good gut movement for your rolled oats, more water if you sweat a lot or do cardio. This saves you trying to add-up how much fiber you’re taking in with each mouthful of food! It’ll also stop you stuffing yourself with fattening beans, grains and fruit, trying to make up for enough fiber in the diet!

3. 1 tablespoon raw honey. Mixed into the ready blend.
The pomegranate, peanuts and any added green leaves, (moringa etc),  need sweetening. Honey has pages of benefits listed , raw honey much more so. Note. Sugar intake MUST be zero at all times. 76 harmful effects have been documented. Rarely mentioned is that all sugar microscopically examined just 20 years ago contained carcinogenic asbestos spears, this coming from old conveyor belts used somewhere in the processing of sugar.

4. 1 teaspoon dry turmeric powder.  I prefer to gulp down the teaspoonful of turmeric with a mouthful of the liquid breakfast. . A friend enjoys the taste when it’s mixed into the breakfast blend.                                                                                     A compound in turmeric has been isolated and is now marketed to reverse neuronal brain damage, even from stroke. Turmeric should thus prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, assuming damage is minimal. If you think you’re still too young, fit and well versed in health to concern yourself with  dementia.. Consider  that Nurse Doreen Beard of Florida USA,  noticed signs of her own dementia at  just 44 years of age!

What had triggered her dementia?  Not genetics nor ‘bad luck’, one of the 3 main causes was a  commonly used metal in cookware. This metal  ‘acts’  on the tau protein in the brain’s neurons, creating  Neuro-Fibrillary Tangles, NFT.  NFT is the DEATH of millions of brain cells every day. Where else is this metal hidden in everyday use? What are the  other damaging agents that also lead to dementia and Alzheimers? How does one trigger the almost magical   BDN-Factor to reverse neuronal damage? This is vital health data that docs and dieticians just don’t mention. It’s in the mind Module, that also contains the new and unique  Active Meditation exercises!  Here.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-bacterial, targeting  E-coli which is associated with all malignancies.  Clark H R, PhD ND, 2007. New studies from Japan show turmeric reversing aging spots and  keratosis skin  sun-damage with 2 teaspoons of turmeric daily, (a.m. and p.m).

5. 1 tablespoon raw coconut milk.  Taken by  tablespoon.                                    This is the white liquid that’s cold pressed from the ‘flesh’ of the ripe coconut.  It contains magical lauric acid, anti-bacterial and a brain food. Eating only the  ripe coconuts’  flesh has kept shipwrecked sailors in good  health for months.  Buy this from Eastern ‘wet markets’, and immediately freeze in 5 day portions. Then keep in the chiller, as it rancifies in just days when above 2C. Bottled raw coconut oil I’ve tested, was all rancid, even as sold in the country where it’s produced.

6. For the over 45 year old  males, 1 tablespoon of Kurbis oil, (pumpkin seed) oil. Mixed into the blended mix.
Science-backed evidence shows this oil prevents the prostate’s natural enlargement, hyperplasia, that’s triggered by your aging hormone DHT. When sourcing pumpkin seed oil, (you may need to buy it from the net) select the cold pressed variety. If you’re on a budget.. consider that a 500ml bottle will last for 2 months, which is just cents a day.  A tablespoon of Kurbis is 100s of times more effective than herbals such as saw palmetto and nettle root extract.. so you can save some money omitting those.

7. For the serious health-oriented person, with your breakfast mix take..
i) If you’re not getting your Vitamin D3 from the sun or lamps, explained..  Here then take 8000iu D3 supplement. Avoid synthetic, useless, toxic  Vitamin D2.
ii) Natural vitamin E, d-tocopherol or mixed tocopherols. Avoid the synthetic vitamin E.. dl-tocopherol, as it has only 1/10 the biological value of natural.
iii) Extra Vitamin C, (even if you’re eating blended pomegranate seeds). If you don’t have access to fresh pomegranates,  take Vitamin C supplements. Take up to 10gms a day, divided into 3 doses, with meals. Ensure the supplement contains the naturally occurring bioflavonoids rutin and hesperidin, to get it’s full biological value.  Don’t consume loose crystalline vitamin C powder, as when that’s dissolved in water, it’ll soften and later destroy your tooth enamel.
iv) Vitamin A supplement 40,0000iu. Read more on Vitamin A safety.  Here
v) A good multi-mineral supplement.. with selenium, and germanium (if you don’t have access to fresh peanuts), BUT no iron.
vi) Any herbs you may be taking for general health.. such as forskoli, or medicinal such as elderberry, a powerful anti-viral… (see next para)

For comprehensive data on nutrients for general health and for many ailments.. refer to The Vita-Nutrient Solution by Dr. R. Atkins. However, to enjoy robust health.. you’re well on your way with this complete breakfast story.

Final Thoughts. This is all you need to know.. for breakfast..  There’s much more vital data for you to explore for your overall health in the BLOG Posts, and in the 11 Guide set.. (when you purchase that). If you want to know more about the nutrients in your breakfast, simply google.. the benefits of i.e. …  pomegranate skin and seeds.

Tom Turek.

Author.. The Only Natural 3-Step.. Stop Hair Loss Protocol, here. 11 Optimum Health/Anti-aging Guides, here. The 1st Fitness & Personal Trainers Exercise & Diet Certification, 1974. See.. ABOUT here