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1. How to get your optimum Vitamin D3.

Rapidly moving Vit. D3 research shows massive benefits for your immune system, cancer, MS, eyes, migraines, preterm birth, DNA methylation, heart function and so on!   You have 2 choices to get D3. You can supplement., taking only the natural D3, as the synthetic D2, found in many commercial Multis is toxic, and almost useless. For optimum health, your  blood level of Vit. D3 needs to reach 60 micro grams per milliliter. This is the highest you can get with sunshine, so we assume it  be the Creation’s design number.

The as-expected Govt. RDA of Vit. A  is an ineffective 800iu, ignore it. To reach your optimum levels of 60mcg/mL D3 you need to supplement with 8-10,000iu daily, or sunbathe or use special lamps. The sun and lamps give you an even  better form of D3.. D3s(sulfate).

Correct  sunbathing for max D3 and minimum skin damage.  Sunbathe between 10am and 2pm.  If you  live far North or South with a shallow sun angle, use special lamps or supplement.  At shallow sun angles the beneficial B Ultra Violet  rays will bounce off the ionosphere, and you’ll only get the harmful A UV rays.  Sunbathe the fullest body  for 5 minutes each side, longer if tanned or with a darker skin.  DON’T use a sun screen otherwise you’ll lose most of the good B UV rays.  Don’t wash off the oily skin for several hours.. the D3 is still being formed!

2. Do you really need to regulate your salt intake?

Normally functioning kidneys control your salt,  sodium/water balance within 2%.. whether you intake 50mgs or 25 grams of salt. The kidneys do this by daily  filtering out an average of 630 grams of salt, excreting 3.2 grams and reabsorbing 99.5%!

Taking in too little salt results in your body releasing a cascade of hormones to take the needed life-giving salt from wherever it’s not needed the most, bones etc! That’s not good for long term!
Salt is blamed for high blood pressure, BP which in turn is blamed as a cause of your arteries clogging-up. However.. arteries clog from high blood homocysteine, high blood triglycerides and lack of anti-oxidants.  (See Our Food Guide).
Salt does raise BP BUT much more so from commercial salt..  as that’s been heated to 1200C. This change in it’s chemistry, makes it unrecognizable to the body.  Use only evaporated sea salt or mined salt such as Himalaya etc.
Hint. If you have high BP, rather than taking the medication  route for life with it’s side effects.. or to kick the meds. drink hibiscus flower tea all day and 2 teaspoons of sugar-free cacao at b/fast.
Your BP may well be elevated if your arteries are calcified..   no longer ‘flexible’. Explore EDTA, ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid. Your body makes some of this protein, but not enough.. Apart from ‘cleaning-out’ 30 kms of your arteries, EDTA has 19 other beneficial side effects. It can be taken orally for 6 months, 4 caps a day, and is inexpensive. The IV drip is much quicker but costly. NOTE. EDTA is approved only/mainly for lead poisoning, so you need a friendly doc to administer the IV. The UK has banned oral EDTA which is available on the net from the US in most countries.

3. How to make Nano-Colloidal Silver, NCS.

Use a Colloidal Silver, CS  ‘generator’. I use the Colloidal Master International. (220v).

Set PPM, (parts per million)  to MAX.  Use only distilled water.  Bubble the whole process with a small aquarium pump.  Introducing CO2 reduces the CS to NCS.  It takes up to 6 hours to make 1 liter. When the red ‘finished’ light comes on, clean the silver electrodes and reset the process.  If the light stays GREEN, continue.  If RED, the  process has  finished. The final NCS will be murky.  If it’s still clear, the process failed.. then check the electrical connections to the electrodes. If you have a voltmeter, check the voltage on the 2 electrodes when you start the process approx 18volts.  Filter the new, murky  NCS through a set of 5 natural-colored paper coffee filters. You’ll note metal particle residue.  Keep the filtered NCS in a dark glass bottle, in a cupboard, and away from electrical plugs.  The NCS will turn yellowish brown in a week or so. It’s still fine!  Make a new batch every 2 months.

When CS is reduced to NCS, it’s less effective on bacteria but very effective on virus.  According to H R Clark, PhD ND, Multiple Sclerosis sufferers all have present  the virus sized  mycoplasma phlei bacteria.  The Scientists who developed the CO2-injection method of making NCS.. reversed MS with massive doses, say 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.

Herpes. I have cleared-up many herpes, once with just a single dose.. but take the NCS 5 days. Dosage. One tablespoon 2X daily. NCS should be kept under the tongue for 5 minutes, then chased down with a gulp of water.

Don’t take NCS as a daily tonic Use it when needed.  Whenever our family has a sneeze or an itchy throat, a single tablespoon dose knocks it out in 20 minutes.  The pets get a teaspoonful in their water!   You won’t turn gray..  I haven’t in 12 years of NCS use.

4. Acne cured in 2 weeks.. naturally.

Acne is mostly caused by a deficiency of 2 nutrients.  It’s rarely caused by parasites.  As acne isn’t an infection..  even long term anti-biotic treatment is ineffective.  Buy the nutrients from a Health Food Store or Pharmacy. You’ll need Vitamin A and organic zinc. If you have acne scar tissue also buy natural Vitamin E, 400iu caps.  Ensure the labelled dosages are sufficient.

Dosages.  For the 1st month take 60,000iu Vit. A  and 100mgs zinc daily.  Take the Vit A and Zinc with a fatty meal to help Vit. A absorption.  After 1 month reduce the 2 doses by 1/2.  After another month reduce the doses again by 1/2.  Stay on the last dose for maintenance.  This ensures acne won’t return!  You obviously had a higher requirement for these 2 nutrients.

Vitamin A is toxic..  but only when  millions of iu, International Units are consumed. But even then, it’s  not deadly!  The early Arctic explorers ate the polar bear’s  liver.  They consumed millions of iu of Vit A and became quite sick with  painful bones, dry skin etc.  When they noted the Eskimos avoided the bear’s  liver, they also did so..  and became quite well again.

Progress expected.  After 2 weeks, no new acne will appear.  After 6 weeks your acne has gone.

Scar tissue needs natural Vitamin E.  Prick the 400iu capsule and squeeze a drop onto each scar.  Rub it well in..  2X daily.   Consume the remaining Vit E  capsule every day with a fatty meal.  After 6 months your scar tissue will have disappeared.

5. The best natural anti-wrinkle solution.

The answer is  at least 2 raw egg yolks a day. Raw yolks contain masses of anti-oxidants, nutrients that fight cell damage. This includes the B vitamins, 90% of which are destroyed in any heating; rare vitamin K2; the amino acids l-cysteine, l-tyrosine, and l-tryptophan;  the phosphotidyls serine and choline.. vital nerve foods, (especially for the very young and older brains) and much more.

The shells should be well washed, reducing your chances of salmonela poisoning to 1 in 30,000.  The whites must be cooked as raw whites interfere with absorption on many nutrients such as the B Vitamin biotin. Stir the yolks into an already-blended breakfast mix. (see Our Food Guide. Breakfast).

And NO, your arteries won’t clog-up from all those yolks as their anti-oxidants prevent your arteries getting inflamed.. that leading to clogging from this cause. (see fats, Protein and Carbs Guide).  Nor will you gain body fat from the high calorie yolks as it’s the carbs that fatten! (see Weight Loss and Exercise Guide).

Proof?  I visited an Aunt in New York, then in her mid eighties. She had a smooth facial complexion.  A few years later she visited us in the Far East. Her face was as wrinkled as the River Nile Delta! I asked her why she’d stopped eating eggs. She was surprised I asked that.  Her son Peter, head of Neurology in a NY Hospital, had told her.. as she was getting old, she’d better stop eating all that cholesterol.  I explained all about eggs. I visited NY a few years later for grand daughter’s wedding. She was then in her mid 90s. Her faced had smoothed out again!!

6. The dangers of consuming fish sauce

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