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The Govt. ‘Health’ guidelines, decided by the US National Institute of Health, NIH advise  approx. 100 mgs of Vitamin C a day,  our RDA, (Recommended Dietary Allowance).   CAUTION.   Fresh supermarket oranges should contain at least 1/2 of your RDA 50mgs of Vitamin C,  BUT have been measured with zero Vitamin C! Why?  Vitamin C is the highest when  the orange is picked at the end of a sunny day, then it’s Vitamin C keeps decreasing with storage and Temperature changes.

To find the answer for our real Vitamin C requirements, we needed to look at the precise, reproducible so scientifically valid  bio-resonance tests that were carried out by  Hulda Clark, PhD ND. She used her patented Synchrometer to measure the activity of the Cd4s, Cd8s and Cd14s killer white blood cells, WBC your leukocytes that make up your immune system..

The  functions of the WBC are to  search, identify, attack and destroy virus, bacteria, parasites, mold, heavy metals, radioactive particles and tumor. The Cd 14 is so powerful that  if one of the other WBCs is struggling to digest tumor, the Cd14 will  encapsulate that WBC and digest it.  This is the team you need on your side, fully revved up all the time.

Dr. Clark measured that in the healthy individual one needs 3 gms of ‘organic’ Vitamin C a day, that’s with it’s natural partners.. the bioflavonoids  rutin and hesperidin.  If you’re purchasing Organic Vitamin C supplements, ensure the label shows these.

Most mammals produce their own vitamin C in their liver, based on their condition.   A handful of mammals  including humans cannot  produce their own Vitamin C, hence it’s one of our most important supplements.  Animal studies have shown that when an animal is under stress or sick it makes 3-5X it’s  normal Vitamin C!  Equating this with a human’s  needs of 3 gms daily, it would be up to 15 gms! The  Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry Linus Pauling who placed Vitamin C’s health benefits  on the map more than 1/2 a century ago..  stated that one might easily have a ’10 gram Vitamin C cold’.

From natural sources we can get 3 gms of natural vitamin C from either 2 teaspoons of freshly ground rose hips, (soft, fat red seeds, after a rose flower has died).  It’s also in  1/4 of a small, or 1/8 of a large pomegranate..  wash it well before cutting. Blend the complete piece, with the skin and seeds.  Blend in a high speed blender  for at least 2 minutes.  Ensure your blended blades don’t heat up otherwise they’ll release toxic chromium and nickel into your food. Chill the remaining piece.  See Our Food Guide, Breakfast.  Pomegranate. Oranges.

To accomplish this with oranges, you’d need to eat 60 freshly picked sun-ripened oranges, if you are well.  If you’re not well, you’ll need up to 300 oranges!!  The question you may ask is why are the RDAs, not only for vitamin C..  but all  the other micro nutrients set so ridiculously low. Is it to help Big Food sell normal produce as  super-foods.. is it to keep us weak, sickly, tired, stressed and eventually medicated.. to keep the trillion$ annual Sickness Industry booming.. or is their science so poor that it can’t keep up with reality. I guess the 1st 2.

Further the WBC also need 2 organic minerals, from supplements or from natural sources to get and stay fully revved-up. And..  you must stop overburdening you immune system.. as no amount of ‘boosting’ can help you if your immune system is under stress and  unable to function normally.   See The Immune Guide.