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Step 1- Stop all damage to your hair roots. 

Step 2- The ‘active’ part of the program.

Step 3- Feeding your hair roots with correct nutrients.

Step 1- Stop all damage to your hair roots. 

  • All these 11 causes  MUST be addressed. Testing has shown that any omissions will allow hair loss to continue.. that also means no new hair can grow!
  • The hair roots are easily damaged with heat.  Hair follicle damage starts above 38C (100F). Damage is intensive by 48C, (118 deg F), as in a very hot shower!
  • Shower or bathe your hair only with quite warm water.  As you’ll learn the correct hair-washing method, you’ll still get a clean head of hair.. from just the warm water. (Tapering the shower water to very cold at the end of the hair wash, doesn’t slow nor stop hair loss, nor stimulate new hair to grow).
  • Health Warning! Very hot showers and baths open the skin’s pores. The skin (and scalp) then allow the body to easily absorb selenium-depleting chlorine, and neuro-toxic fluoride from the water.
  • 100% avoid 2 chemical compounds that are nearly always in shampoos, liquid soaps and even hand soaps.
  • Even soaps labeled herbal, natural or organic may contain these 2 additives.  Check the label carefully.  If you fail to find the correct product, buy the cheapest, unscented-if-available, baby soap, that surely won’t contain these 2 compounds. If you use commercial soaps in a fitness club or at the hairdresser.. take your own! (I use baby soap).
  • Both of these  compounds will remove your hair-roots protective sebum waterproofing!  That  allows the toxic chlorine and other chemicals in shower water, and the many toxic compounds in hair shampoos, (including these 2),  to enter into the delicate hair root mechanism and cause damage.
  • Avoid. Sodium lauryl sulfate, SDLS, or di-lauryl sulfate, DLS, or SDS. These are foaming agents placed into shampoos and soaps to give a foaming effect for a much faster, satisfying,(?), hair wash. In Industry, these compounds are used to degrease car-garage floors! They are carcinogenic.
  • Avoid.  Isopropyl alcohol, Ipa. This is placed  in shampoos and soaps to help rapidly dissolve dirt on the hair, and body.  It also gives a ‘tingling’ fresh feeling after a shampoo/shower.
  • The shampoo label may have a similar sounding chemical. Avoid that.  The Manufacturers  Industrial Chemists  may change to a different-sounding compound, (with the same effect), when a previous compound has been exposed as harmful.
  • Don’t wash your hair every day. Daily washing even with the safe shampoo or soap will remove some of your protective sebum, allowing damaging agents into your hair roots.  I wash on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to keep the count simple.
  • Method of getting a good hair wash, with only warm water and chemical free shampoo. Shampoo/soap your hair at the very start of your shower or bath. Leave the shampoo or soap on your head till you’ve finished washing your body.. then rinse your  hair, (with warm water).
  • Correct hair drying ensures no damage to your hair roots.
  • If you use a blow-drier, set it to ‘warm’ or to ‘no heat’. Hot blow-drying can take your scalp temperature up to 120C (250F).  Be careful at the hairdresser!
  • Use only a thin towel to dry your hair, massaging the head/hair with your fingertips through the towel.  Violent, heavy rubbing creates damaging mechanical and heat stress.
  • Very short haircuts, (bald and shaved heads).. over exposes the scalp to the sun`s ultra violet and infrared rays (and to hot shower water).  If you have  little natural scalp cover, when outdoors, even when it’s slightly cloudy, wear well ventilated head protection.
  • Wigs and hats. If you wear a wig or a hat, ensure it’s well ventilated, to avoid higher than normal temperatures that can rapidly build up from sunlight or physical exertion.
  • Sauna, steam room or infra-red cabins. Wrap your head in a soft towel to avoid the damaging temperatures that reach up to 90C.
  • Avoid  brushing your hair with a soft bristle hair-brush. The extra stress on the hair roots causes structural and heat damage.
  • Avoid tightly tied hairstyles such as buns, plaiting etc. These cause stresses that can generate damaging heat and cause structural damage to the hair roots.
  • Avoid hair synthetic hair dyes. Their chemicals and solvents easily penetrate the sebum. Hair dyes are not required by law to have their ingredients approved for safety. Natural dyes should be used.
  • Nickel interrupts the hair root growth process. New research shows that the metal nickel is involved in hair loss by mechanisms still unknown. Nickel mainly comes from poor stainless steel cookware. Check that your stainless steel cookware is marked 18/10, or is very shiny, indicating a safe quality.
  • Also.. tape the back of your stainless steel watch, as you’ll continuously absorb nickel from that! Don’t wear a stainless steel watch bracelet.

 Step 2- The ‘active’ part of the program.

  • This clever ‘active’ stage sends the nutrients into your hair roots.. even after DHT, your aging hormone has closed-up the nutrient-supplying blood vessels! The mechanical stimulation in this step may also help move the newly arrived nutrients deeper into your hair roots.. and possibly be part of the as yet unknown mechanism that gives us the new hair growth that always see.
  • The brushing protocol.   A correct brush must be used.  If you don’t have the correct brush, you need to purchase one. The brush must have very firm but not sharp bristles, as those would cause bleeding or over-sensitivity on your scalp.  Plastic bristles with a small round ‘bead’ top are ideal. Plastic ‘beads’ on top metal bristles will in time fall off. Avoid those.
  • Brushing pressure.  It’s not the pressure on the brush that’s important, so start with a lower pressure otherwise you may cause bleeding or oversensitivity, then you’d need to stop, rest a few days and then start over again.  Over the next few days gradually increase pressure. After brushing you should feel a warm, pleasant tingling feeling.  A shorter haircut ensures more thorough brushing, and less mechanical damage from bending hair. With longer hair, ensure you’re brushing the scalp, not just your hair!
  • Brushing frequency.  If you’ve already lost some hair, brush TWICE a day, brushing in the morning and in the evening or at least 8 hours apart.  If you still have a full head of hair, brush ONCE a day to prevent hair loss. Don’t brush more than twice a day as you’ll over-sensitize your scalp. Make a habit of brushing at certain times of the day, then it’s much easier to remember to brush!
  • Brush your hair when it’s dry. It’s easier and more comfortable, especially if it’s longer.
  • Brushing procedure.  First, read through the procedure, as the brushing action should be done without stopping.
  • Divide the scalp into seven segments.  This will give you full coverage. There’ll be 3  segments on the left, coming up from your left ear. One on top.  And 3 segments on the right, going down to your right ear.
  • Change your brushing hand as you go over the top. It’s more comfortable and less tiring.. but don’t stop to rest.
  • Brush where you have much hair, some hair and where you’ve lost hair.
  • Start position. From a standing position, lower your head as far down as comfortable towards the floor. Bend the knees slightly so you don’t hurt your back. (Never touch toes with knees locked)!! After brushing, stand up slowly so as not to get dizzy. If the bent over position is uncomfortable, lie on the end of your bed and hang you head over the end.
  • First Action.   On all 7 segments starting at the left ear, left hand..  brush from the BACK of the scalp to the FRONT of the scalp, only in this direction, for ONE STROKE on each segment Change hands over the top.
  • Repeat this ONE STROKE action one more time.
  • Second Action.  On all 7 segments, starting at the left ear, left hand..  This time brush from the FRONT of the scalp to the BACK of the scalp, only in this direction for SIX STROKES on each segment. Change hands over the top.
  • Repeat this SIX STROKE action one more time.That’s it!!
  • With thanks to the early pioneering work of Doctors and Med Students in the Sydney Medical University, Australia in the 1980s.

Step 3- Feeding your hair roots with correct nutrients.

  • Massive hair loss has been observed in those on very low animal fat diets.  They ate zero egg yolks! Speeded hair loss has been noted on diets low in egg yolks. Hair loss from hair root damage and the DHT effect are all speeded up with poor nutrition. Unless your nutrition is correct, hair loss won’t stop and new hair simply cannot grow, even after stopping damage and addressing the DHT problem.
  • Your main source of nutrients for the hair root is from the fatty egg yolk! Egg yolks contain the  amino acid, protein l-cysteine in a high amount.  L-cysteine makes up 50% of your hair stem! Our bodies natural functions were designed on natural foods, and that includes animal fats, with their nasty- sounding cholesterol and saturated fat.  The complex pathways in nature need these fats for hair-root nutrition, so our made-up low fat diets don’t help!
  • Mainstream medicine advises only 2 egg yolks a week. Many may feel that if the yolks are that harmful, maybe they should eliminate the egg yolks from their diet.  But then they’ve lost vital nutrients. You need not concern yourself whether  egg yolks/animal fats will clog your arteries or make you fat,  as…
  • In the early1970s we learnt that animal fats, and their cholesterol and saturated fat don’t ‘clog’ arteries.  Drs. Robert Atkins MD and  Richard Passwater PhD showed that these scary sounding  foods are not only  safe but beneficial healthwise.  They’re also essential to stop  your hair loss and allow new hair togrow!! The safety and massive benefits of animal fats is explained in this blog Post on my site at..  http://tthairsolutions.com/16-how-to-prevent-arteries-clogging-up/
  • One should also note that these health-giving animal fats are not fattening. It’s the carbohydrates, carbs that fatten.   This we also learnt this from the two mentioned authors and the authors of the then newly-published ‘Human Physiology’ textbook for Med Schools worldwide.. Vander MD, Sherman PhD & Luciano PhD, (U of Virginia USA).   They showed us that digested carbs 1st top-up muscle and liver glycogen, stored sugar, then the rest is rapidly converted to body fat in the cells’ mitochondria, power organelle. Digested fat only slowly converts to useable energy molecules in the liver.  Later we learnt that fructose converts directly to body-fat in the liver, HFCS massively accelerating this pathway. The pathways to obesity of MSG and Aspartame have also been identified!
  • We also learnt that in human physiology there exist various homeostasis mechanisms that prove calorie counting is meaningless.  These mechanisms speed or slow metabolic rate, MR, depending on what, when and how much is eaten. One such mechanism, thermic effect is bone structure dependent. A light-boned ‘ectomorph’ can quaff down a half gallon of heavily sugared, high HFCS ice-cream and yet weighs the same next day. They have an inherent , large MR rate rise after such a meal. A heavy-boned endomorph gains fat on a slice of apple pie with their very low inherent MR rise.
  • Eating low-fat creates 3 problems. Low fat meals speed stomach emptying by 100%, as fats need longer to digest. That leaves the dieter hungry soon after a meal, then they eat.. more carbs. Artery-protective nutrients in all high fat foods are lost resulting in accelerated heart disease and stroke.  (see link above).   A low fat diet causes unused bile salts, (these salts digest your fat), to crystallize-out  in the gall bladder. This forms very sharp, extremely painful ‘stones’ that need surgical gall bladder removal. 600K in the US have had their gall bladders removed from following idiotic  low-fat/low cal diets!
  • Eat and enjoy your animal fats for great health and healthy hair, especially the egg yolk. Consume at least 2 egg yolks a day. I consume up to10 eggs a day, and have so since the early 1970s*. The optimum nutrition from the egg yolk is when it’s eaten raw. It can be mixed into an already blended breakfast mix.. as explained here. http://tthairsolutions.com/is-this-the-healthiest-breakfast-on-the-planet/.  Wash the egg shells well before cracking. Cook the whites.. as the raw egg whites deplete some nutrients such as your  B vitamin Biotin. It’s been calculated that your chances of getting salmonella bacterial food poisoning from eating raw egg yolks is 1 in 30,000.  In any case, salmonella is not life threatening and is self-limiting.
  • My last complete medical was a freebie at a Health and Fitness conference in Hawaii in 1979. The doc said.. all your blood cholesterols levels are normal. I uttered that I ate up to ten eggs a day, consumed globs of butter and chose that fattest steaks.  He said.. you must be joking. I wasn’t. My arteries, checked on a high speed scan in my60s, are fully open!  See http://tthairsolutions.com/testimonials and read about Steve Appedale’s medical exam. Steve was a member of one of my Fitness Clubs for many decades and followed my nutritional  guidance.

Drop me a mail with any Qs and let’s know your results! Tom Turek. Author.

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