A Set of 11 Guides to Optimal Health and Anti-Aging.

This massive work is based on my observations and research, starting back in 1961, when I opened my first Fitness Club

I know that these guides are easily worth $1,000 or more. So, why am I giving them away now?

I believe the information in these guides is too important not to give them away. There is so much misleading information out there. I want everyone to have the chance at a happy, healthy life. If these guides just sit in my files or on my computer, I am robbing thousands of people of the chance to change their lives.

Many of these discoveries are things you will not find out from your doctor or even your dietician. You doctor doesn’t have time to go over everything with you, and there may even be a few things in these guides your doctor doesn’t know. Your dietician is strictly limited in what he or she can tell you; even though most real nutritional experts understand the principles I spell out in these guides.

It’s time for you to take control of your health. Don’t be the victim of misinformation. Don’t fall prey to the massive “sickness” industry that only wants to treat your symptoms and keep you from optimum health.

Below you can read a summary of each of the 11 guides that you can now get for FREE when you purchase the amazing 3-Step Hair Loss Treatment System. 




Our Food : Most foods categorized. Dieticians don’t tell you this! Many good.. and shocking surprises in store!



5 Health tips you should know.



Your Best Sex is Yet to Come!



You can’t boost immunity till you stop overburdening it.



Sugar starts ‘clogging’ arteries in infancy.



Spices & Condiments. The very good and the very bad!



Sleep better, think clearer, live longer!



Proven Rapid Weight-loss Secrets.



Most cookware is highly toxic!



Did you think cholesterol and saturated fat clogs your arteries?

Develop a powerful mind with new, active  meditation exercises. Stop brain damage. Restore brain cells.


Develop new, powerful mental abilities. Protect your brain!