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If you’re drifting downhill.. experiencing hair loss and feeling really rough..

It’s time to change course.. Let the experts in that field help you with the most accurate science-based and proven solutions. You’ll stop your hair loss and you’ll stop harming your body.. you’ll soon look and feel great as your body self-repairs.

You can make a fresh start at any age and from any condition. During my 50 years of research into Optimum Health I read thousands of scientific studies and reports. As I owned and operated a chain of Fitness Clubs for over 40 years, I applied many of these protocols to over 20,000 of my Fitness Club members and.. to myself. Today at 78 I enjoy robust med-free health! Sadly for the public, Healthy Eating advice from various Govt. Health Authorities is ever- changing and no longer follows well documented concepts. Many suspect this has to do with profit.. maybe to keep the public sickly, weak, obese then.. medicated.

Apart from the FREE healthy Eating advice on this site how do I help? I’ve developed the rapid, natural ‘Stop Hair-loss System’. You’ll be shocked to discover that you’re damaging your hair roots leading to eventual baldness with 9 mistakes. In the 9 easy to understand and apply Optimum Health Guides you’ll discover that most cookware damages your health with the first mouthful; that most advised exercise is ineffective and that some even scars your heart muscle; that losing fat is really easy with no counting, hunger or fasting; that you overburden your immune system every day, when every cancer patient has a collapsed immune system; that you’re ‘allowing in’ negative thoughts that can lead to depression.. and much, much more. When you read what’s in the Guides and you’ll discover that most Health issues are covered.

Purchase the Guides as Full Set with the Hair-loss program. Or purchase the guides or the Hair Loss program separately.. all at amazingly affordable prices.

Don’t  allow yourself to slip down-hill any further.  You now have the means to  keep your ‘systems’ in their ‘normal’..  or even ‘better’ range, to prevent getting Medicated. Meds. have side effects. These include impotence, (blood pressure meds.), severe pain in bones and muscles (statins), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  Also.. Most Meds are  designed to ‘control’ not  cure, so you’ll be on them forever!  (Optimum Health does allow most Meds to be tapered off).

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