One of the first things you notice in the mirror when you wake up is your hair....


Doctor preparing a man for hair replacement surgery

You know it's important for your looks.  If it's thinning and receding, you cringe and.. it spoils your day.  If it's still a full head, you worry as you know you'll probably end up bald like grandpa. If you've searched for a natural solution for this embarrassing problem, (where your friends think you're 10-15 years older than you are), then look no further.. you've just found it!

Imagine having an almost magical solution at hand.. that 100% stops your embarrassing hair loss dead in it's tracks in a week, and allows new hair to slowly grow!  It's now just a click away..

You may have tried some  'natural' methods.  Special shampoos, rub-in lotions, vitamins, herbs, special diets, lasers, vibrators, magnets etc. Sadly.. as these target just one of the  3 needed steps, you waste your time and money. You get frustrated. Don't give up yet.. something new is just round the corner and it's the discoveries of the secrets of your hair loss

This proven, science-backed 3-Step System gives you the results you wished for.

STEP 1.  You'll discover the 9 damaging agents to your hair roots that speed hair loss. You'll easily tackle these in a day or two.  Unless all these are sorted out, your  hair loss will continue and new hair simply cannot grow. 

STEP 2.  Within just days you neutralize the  negative effects of your aging hormone DHT with a clever 2-3  minute active stage, done twice a day.  DHT starts and speeds hair loss in ladies and men.. by constricting the tiny blood vessels that bring the needed nutrients to your hair roots. Even the most powerful and feminizing pharmaceuticals cannot reduce DHT enough to stop hair loss.. so we use a clever, different approach.

STEP 3.  You've cleared-up  STEP 1 and STEP 2, but you need one more STEP!  Unless you get your vital nutrients  into your hair roots.. hair loss will continue and  new hair cannot grow. The nutrients are in common foods!

The Hair Loss Solutions are simple bio-engineering exercises, where  3 known 'problems'  are  remedied for your success.  You can easily do that, right?   This is much the same as..  say a simple engineering protocol with your failing  computer.. (but that'll probably need a techy!)  Imagine that....

STEP 1.  9 known viruses have infected your computer. Till you've cleaned them ALL out.. you'd be in trouble

STEP 2.  You have a faulty, (maybe corroded or loose) 'power-in' connector. The electrical power just trickles in..sometimes.. you'd be in trouble.

STEP 3.  You've cleared up Step 1. and  STEP 2.  BUT.. the power going into your computer from a faulty transformer is the wrong voltage, (power)  you'd still be in trouble!

Learn how we discovered the many secrets of hair loss.Here. 

Don't you wish for great Body, Mind & Sexual Vigor? Imagine the data all in a single, easy to follow source.   And BTW..  this set of 11 Guides on Optimum Health/Anti Aging..  are yours absolutely FREE when you purchase the 3-Step Stop Hair Loss Program!! 

1000s of my Fitness Club Member and I have enjoyed robust Med-free Health from this valuable science-backed 'alternative' data.. that docs and dieticians simply DON'T give you. (It's much more valuable to you.. than just sitting in my files).  You can easily prevent chronic 'age-related' diseases by 'boosting' your health to a very high level.   You now get vital, science-backed data  that's rarely publicized.  Many believe this data is hidden from you.. to fuel the annual 3.5 trillion$  'Sickness Industry',  and that's just the US!  This covers the  broad range of subjects  in the 11 Guide Set.  The Free BLOG Posts  give you an idea of just far ahead of crowd we run.

You may say..  you're fit, strong and well versed on health..  That's fine.. but  there's much more out there than you've reached...

Consider that.. In Hawaii in 1979, a 28 year-old competitive marathon runner died of blocked arteries?  His arteries had started clogging in infancy. How?  Hint. Only one of the three  major causes of arteries calcifying is promoted.. high blood triglycerides..  BUT you're not informed of the 3 known factors that elevate these blood fats!   The other 2 causes major causes  are very rarely mentioned. This life saving Blog Post explains.  Here

Consider that..  Nurse Doreen Beard of Florida USA,  noticed signs of her own dementia at  just 44 years of age!  What had triggered that? Hint.  A  metal commonly used in cookware 'acts'  on the tau protein in your brain's neurons, nerves creating  Neuro-Fibrillary Tangles, NFT.  NFT is the DEATH of millions of your brain cells every day. Where else is this metal hidden in everyday use? What are the  other damaging agents that also lead to dementia and Alzheimers? How does one trigger the almost magical   BDN-Factor to reverse neuronal damage? This vital Guide explains all this.. Here.

In  this Guide you'll  also discover advanced, easy-to-master Active Meditation Protocols that need only 15mins a day. These take your concentration levels  and control of you conscious mind to levels so high.. that  didn't think possible.


Real People. Proven Results.

  • Diego De Figueroa

    “I send a brief thank you for helping resolve my hair-loss problem, and you may place it on your website. I saw your promotion and gave myself a present of your product.I stopped losing hair very quickly. New hair is slowly appearing. I was very excited to stop hair loss so easily! I wish I found you earlier! El gusto es mio. Diego.”
  • Tom Turek : This site’s author

    “In his over 1/2 century of Fitness Club operation, Tom, this site's author, applied many little-publicized science-based health concepts. Today at 78 he enjoys robust med-free health, and.. an almost full head of hair. You too can now benefit from his dedicated research and application.. as did 1000s of his Fitness Club Members.”

Natural Health is the Mainstay of Your Hair and Health Management. We'll help you take full control!


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