Balding problem solved!! Fact or fiction? Has Medcal Science discovered the magic bullet to reverse baldness?

URGENT: This new information reverses your hair loss.. so you don't look 15 years older than you are!



I'm  Tom Turek, a retired 79 year young Fitness Club Chain ex-owner.. in robust med-free health with an almost full head of hair.. this site's subject.

If you're really serious about stopping your hair loss once and for all.. it's lucky you reached me. I want to take the next 2 minutes to share with you what makes this method  so unique and effective.

The method I'm talking about is the 3 Step System and here's how it works. It's not a pharma-based system that tries to slow your DHT aging hormone, (that causes male pattern baldness with feminizing side effects). It's not a combo of ineffective herbs and vitamins. It's not special shampoos and ointments that simply can't get their nutrients into the hair roots.

Instead.. the 3 Step System is a totally different, new and unique medical science-based system.. that addresses the 3 steps needed to stop your hair loss and regrow lost hair.. so you can finally experience the results you want.

It's far superior to any other program..  quite simply because it's the ONLY product on the market today that addresses the 3 steps you must take to 100% get your results.  It's the perfect solution for you.

This is exactly what you've been looking for! You'll be really  excited with the results you're going to experience!

Imagine the value of stopping your hair loss and regrowing lost hair, not only for you appearance, but importantly for your peace of mind and happiness, knowing that you're no longer going to end up with a bald head...  nor be agonizing when to have that painful, up-to 10,000$ hair transplant.

I explain how you''ll be setting up the 3 vital steps that help and guide you to stop your hair loss in just 7 days, and stimulate lost hair to regrow.  The 3 Steps are  simple, easy and fast to start-up. The 'active'  2nd stage takes you only 2 minutes, twice a day..  you can handle that.. right?


Here’s what two of my happy customers have to say:

Diego De Figuera. Commercial Director. El Camino Movie Productions. Upper Austria.

“I send a brief thank you for helping resolve my hair-loss problem, and you may place it on your website. I saw your promotion and gave myself a present of your product. I stopped losing hair very quickly. New hair is slowly appearing. I was very excited to stop hair loss so easily! I wish I found you earlier! El gusto es mio. Diego.”


Noriko Koike. Economist. Tochigi. Japan.

Thanks for the rapid results I got  in stopping my hair loss. Your  concept and pricing are a  pleasant change from  hair loss companies here in Japan charging crazy monthly fees for ever. That shampoo and rub-in treatment didn't stop my hair falling out.


Grandpa Alex, at 29, showing very early genetic balding, from the effects of his aging hormone.. DHT


My Dad Zoltan, in his early 50s almost completely bald, and spending all day trying to hide it.

Poor genes from my grandpa and dad didn't help my hair loss problem. I really needed to find a solution. I discovered the answers. Now you too can benefit!

1. Luckily I just  missed out on using the  pharmaceutical DHT-crushing compounds,  1st introduced in 1988.  (DHT, our 'aging hormone' causes male pattern baldness and overall hair loss in ladies).  I was  debating trying out the 1st hair loss pharmaceutical available.. when an alternative natural solution appeared.  Taking these powerful, hormone-zapping  pharmaceuticals is not like taking a vitamin pill. It’s a serious decision that involves the risks, and the cost!

2. Shampoos didn't help -  I tried a few  nutrient-rich shampoos for hair loss.. No luck. Later I discovered that due to the anatomy of the hair root, the ingredients that wash against the hair and scalp simply cannot enter the closed blood vessels that supply the nutrients to the hair root.  Some of these shampoos advise a  twice daily hair wash.. but they didn't know that this brings on more problems, as noted in Step 1 of my protocols, hair root damage..

3. I purchased a very pricey rub-in compound, a mixture of herbs and chemicals from a famous US based Chinese herbalist, a PhD in Western Biochemistry. This has  to work, I thought.. but it was the worst of all, as it accelerated hair loss.  I have explained more about why this happened in my Step 1.  I stopped applying it within just a couple of weeks.

4.Tapering showers to ice cold didn't help - they just gave me blocked noses and painful sinuses.

I had already spent hundreds of dollars and received no results.

I was constantly looking for a hair loss treatment  as my hair began to thin badly at 52. Giving up wasn't on my list.

One day.. I happened to run into Peter Lavac.

He was a member of one of my fitness clubs. It turns out he was also part of a research team of doctors and students at Sydney Medical University. They were searching for a natural cure for hair loss and had a great idea that gave promising results. They had figured out that DHT was  restricting blood flow to the hair roots, strangling the oxygen and vital nutrient supply. They knew that if they could somehow get the blood supply vessels open again.. that hair could be saved.

They managed to develop an almost....

...Magical Solution That 100% Neutralized The Harmful Effects Of DHT  
 And Re-Activated The Dormant Hair Follicles Once Again!!

url I started with Peter’s system and my hair loss almost completely stopped. (Peters photo on the left, in his mid 70s).

But Peter’s system is just step 2 of my 3 Step System.  I went to work on some additional research.  I discovered 11 harmful actions that increased the speed of DHT-related hair loss. I also discovered the importance of proper nutrition.

After identifying some likely protocols, I stopped my hair loss, and most exciting of all, started to grow new hair.
I then fine-tuned my system and developed…

The 3-Step Hair Loss Treatment System. Which helped me to go from looking like this


I had started to lose much hair at the age of 52


Hair loss stopped and new hair has regrown - 62 years old


With nearly a full head of healthy hair. Some color has been lost, but the gap I had in the upper-back of the head, has nicely filled in..

Why Has Your Hair Loss Treatment FAILED?

Because It's IMPOSSIBLE to Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Lost Hair.. Without a 3-Step Approach.

Ever tried to fill a bucket full of holes? You’ll only be able to fill it up once the holes are sealed.. otherwise it’s a losing game. And that’s what’s wrong with hair loss treatments today as they are trying to stop hair loss and grow new hair but  are unaware that 11 agents are silently causing a lot of damage to your scalp and hair follicles. There’s no way your hair loss will stop, or new hair will regrow.. unless you successfully eliminate all 11 damaging agents.
Step 1.  Discover..  how your  Step 1 helps you  completely eliminate these 11 agents from your life and put the brakes on your hair loss once and for all.  During my testing, whenever I re-introduced any one of these.. even with Steps 2 and 3 fully implemented, hair loss re-started and new hair stopped growing!
STEP 2:   Learn.. how his vital Step 2 is needed to open-up your DHT-clogged and closed-up blood vessels in your scalp.. to allow nutrients and oxygen to reach your starving hair roots.  When I first followed the instructions for this step I felt a fine tingling in my scalp. My assumption was that it’s the feeling of the blood vessels opening up and blood stream starting to reach the hair follicles. That’s just my assumption though. The proof was when I stopped my hair loss and started to notice new hair growth in my bald spots. It was the best feeling ever!

Learn why  reducing  DHT  with pharmaceuticals causes  Irreversible harm to so many.. at least 200,000 so far!

*Pharmaceuical  hair loss treatments are designed to forcefully 'reduce' your  aging-hormone DHTthe basic cause of hair loss in men and women.
  *The most powerful pharma developed for reducing DHT took half a year to reduce DHT to 68% to get some effect on hair loss and new hair growth.. but by then it brought along it's serious feminizing side effects.
*Pharmas need to be taken for life, unless you wish hair loss to continue. Sadly, these pharmas mess with your normal hormone balance and that leads  to loss of libido, (sexual desire)  in most. The unlucky ones  got erectile dysfunction, becoming Viagra-proof impotent for life.. even after stopping the pharmaceuticals. The pharma manufacturers do point out that it's less than 2% that become permanently impotent.. but till today that adds up to over 200,000 impotent souls.

 Learn why taking herbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins or special food combos simply CANNOT stop your hair loss nor stimulate new hair to grow.

*Medical Herbalists do prescribe 3 'natural' substances for another  condition caused by rising DHT levels in the older male, and that's the enlargement of the prostate gland. This slight, natural DHT reduction does help  slow prostate enlargement. (This enlargement makes urination difficult). The 3 'naturals' are: nettle root extract, pygeum leaf extract and pumpkin seed oil. These 3 'naturals' have been 're-discovered' by  marketers of hair loss products, so  I had to test their theory.
*For this test I consumed the 3 'naturals' together, while applying Step 1, (stopping damage to hair roots), and Step 3, (proper nutrition),  and omitting Step 2.. to test whether these 3 'naturals' have any effect on hair loss. (If so, I would  include them in my 3 Step System).  After a 1 month fair trial, even  with the most powerful of these, pumpkin seed oil, (Kurbis) taken at the massive dose of 1 tablespoonful a day,  hair loss failed to even slow.  (If you're the older male, do take your daily tablespoonful  of pumpkin seed oil. That's magic for.. but just your prostate).
*So.. whether you squeeze out a little of your aging hormone DHT, that's causing your slow, steady  balding, starting in your mid-20s.. or whether you churn out DHT by the gallon resulting in massive, rapid  balding..  even starting as early as 16 in some(!!).. it's physiologically impossibe to  lower  your DHT level with natural supplements or foods..  to even slow your balding. Where powerful pharmas can manage some results at a high risk..  there's no way these gentle 'naturals' can save your appearance!
*When you open your new Step 2.. you'll discover the clever, almost magical  'active stage', which was first explored by Peter Lavac's medical team in the Sydney Med. U. This quick, simple 'active stage' takes just a couple of minutes, is done twice a day and in the privacy of your own home.  It totally ignores and by-passes your  DHT levels, however high they may be.. and 100% efficiently tackles DHT's nasty effect of male pattern balding or overall hair loss in ladies.
STEP 3: Learn.. about hair nutrients.  The first 2 steps were all about eliminating the bad stuff and reversing the harmful effects. Now, it’s time to provide the vital nutrients to the hair roots. But it’s not as simple as just taking a  handful of of supplements. There are specific things you need to take in the correct manner to get the full benefits and have a head full of hair.
*Taking masses of vitamins, herbs and  protein in an attempt to feed the hair roots.. is expensive and wasteful.  They quite simply don't contain the very combination of nutrients that are needed to stop hair loss and to  feed your new, growing  hair.
*These needed nutrients exist  in one complete food, designed by nature, and not in any  lab.  In your Step 3 you'll discover  this complete food, and how it should be eaten to unleash it's vital nutrients.
There also exist various gadgets that claim they will stop hair loss and stimulate hair re-growth. These are lasers, massagers and vibrators. They may well allow some nutrients to reach hair roots to slow hair loss. But.. as they  miss out the vital 1st and 3rd Steps.. hair loss must continue and new hair cannot grow.
My science-based 3 Step System has given us proven results..  confirmed by several years of test-marketing.  I can now confidently introduce you to these natural  protocols so you can also benefit.
NOTE 1.  The  3 Step system is ineffective if you have; Alopecia, an auto-immune disease mainly in the under 20s; a fungal, bacterial or viral  scalp infection, found mainly in people with a weakened immune system like in poorly managed diabetes, HIV/AIDS or exposure to people or pets who have an infection; scalp psoriasis; heavy use of antibiotics;  chemotherapy for cancer or on  scar tissue from a previous hair transplant.
NOTE 2.  After any vigorous brushing, even with Steps 1, 2 and 3 fully implemented, you'll still lose 2-4 hairs. There is a natural 'rest cycle' for hair follicles. After a rest, hair will regrow. Without the 3 Steps, these would be lost.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay To STOP Your Hair Loss.. Once And For All?

Think about it for a second:
* How much have you already spent to solve your hair loss problem?
* Have you bought any shampoos, lotions, medicines, pills or gadgets recently?
* Did it solve your problem? That's doubtful, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!
* Chances are you’ll still be anxious.. spending much more on trying to fix it. There are people who have spent hundreds and some of them even thousands and got little to no results at all. There are people who’d jump at the chance to fix their hair loss problem once and for all ...For A One Time Payment Of $149.95. ...And To See Results Within Just 7 Days.
BUT … I am not going to charge you $149.95.  Do you think  $99.90 would be a fair price to stop your hair loss once and for all?
YES! That's the current price BUT..  to celebrate the milestone we've reached in sales..  just the next 20 buyers will get a whopping 50% discount and now pay ONLY $49.95..  and that comes with the 30 day money back guarantee.  A win, win for you!
I've done my bit to help you. I've worked on this project for 20+ years..  so you can  benefit.  You've seen the evidence. All you need  do now  is  to choose..  either ignore all that you've read so far, give up and shave your head  OR.. make the smart move, grab your discount and become a winner.
PS.  I'm giving you a valuable gift with your purchase.. so that you too can enjoy robust physical, mental and sexual health. This massive data in 11 Modules is based on my 50+ years of research and application and is rarely publicized. It is the 2nd link you'll  receive on your Paypal receipt..
Tom Turek.   Author of the 3 Step System.   Author of the 1st. Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer 'Exercise and Diet Certification', 1974.   Registered in a Speciality of Naturapathic Med.   Reiki Master.   Owned/Operated Chain of Fit Clubs in the Far East.






            And That’s Not All...  Here Are a Few More Of My Satisfied Customers:

Neil Malani. CEO Canrise Corp. Montreal, Canada.

Tom’s stop hair loss ideas are getting me the results promised on the site. This is the first end to end solution I’ve found.   When I saw his ad, my fervent wish was that somehow I could now save my remaining hair.  For the price of a meal out, I figured what the heck.. go for it, nothing to lose except more hair! That wish was granted and.. much more.  I've recommended this concept to all my balding buddies. Many thanks, Tom..

Walter Rieve. CEO.  Auto Accessories. Antwerp. Belgium.

My girlfriend is a nurse. To stop my bad moods, she suggested I fix my losing  hair problem.   My girlfriend found your program and she said it made much sense. All my hair loss  stopped in about a week as you said.  New hair  appeared after about 1 month. I'll let it slowly fill in, no rush now I'm winning! Thank you also that I don't worry about when to have a hair transplant.  I notice my friends who had their hair operation,  still  keep  losing old hair and also their new hair.  Highly recommended for hair loss and peace of mind!!

Will Jeremiasse. Personal Trainer. Sydney,  Australia.

Hi Tom.  A brief thank you note  from a very happy 'hair-loss stopper' and 'new hair grower'.  I guess like many, I had tried meds and naturals, failed and given up. I was convinced there was no cure for my problem.  Your 3-Steps clearly showed me why I had failed,  so I decided to give it one more try. I'm glad I did. I sure didn't want to look 15 years older than I am.