Reach much higher levels of body and mind health than you thought possible, naturally.

Don’t get trapped into Meds you don’t need.

Check-up time at the Doctors. You’re advised to go monthly. (My last check-up was in 1979)! The Doc says you’re fine and disease-free, I have nothing for you. BUT.. your blood pressure, BP is slightly up, because you were nervous. BP meds are given. The BP meds raise your LDL. BP meds make you fat. LDL meds are now given to lower LDL. Low fat diet is advised for LDL, (bad cholesterol), and to lose fat. LDL meds bring up to 9 side effects. Old allergies come back. Protective super-nutrients in high fat foods are lost. You don’t lose bodyfat. Now you feel really crappy. Doc assures you it’s really worth it to protect from this and that. How long on meds, you ask. Maybe all your life the doc says.

Why didn’t the doc simply lower your BP with 2 natural compounds? Their Association says.. prescribe meds. 99% follow that. Who controls their Assn. Big Pharma. It’s profitable for Big Pharma and the doc. Getting the picture?

This is not a frontal attack on Western Medicine. We need their Trauma and Neuro Surgeons, their neurologists, (my son is in that field). We need their antibiotics that save life. Antibiotics twice saved my life from typhoid fever when growing up in E. Africa. What we are saying is that if you are not ‘sick’, you can reach a much higher level of health that’s robust med-free health.. with the correct guidance.

Why, you may ask, hasn’t anybody come up a sensible, natural, total-body and mind health program that really works. You just found it.

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