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Do You Need to Stop Your Hair Loss?

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Do You Want Great Body, Mind & Sexual  Vigor?

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And.. Where’s Accurate Food Data?

In the ‘Healthy Living’ section.  Save months of searching & then wondering if what you found is really accurate.  And.. this massive data is absolutely FREE.. without you having to buy a thing! 

The #1 cause of hair loss in males and females is DHT.       

DHT is a hormone,  a  chemical messenger in the Body..  that we make more of as we age.  It’s DHT’s negative effects that starts all your hair loss.  (There’s now a chemical-free answer to this).   The negative DHT effects are speeded-up by 9,  now-identified  damaging actions to the  hair-roots.  And.. vital nutrients needed by the hair roots are often missing …  following  some common diets.

Robust health for the lucky few.. comes easily.

For the rest of us.. there’s  2 routes. #1.  Take a chance, ignore all advice..  or follow Mainstream’s advice without questioning.  You may end up painfully struggling along like an overloaded Soviet- era Lada car, needing monthly check-ups.. trying to  patch-up worn-out  parts.  #2.   Or follow accurate data & purr-along like an admired, well tuned Ferrari.   

You must have  accurate data to make progress.  My  research & application is from 10s of 1000s of scientific studies.   This journey  started   when I opened my 1st Fitness Club in 1961..  My members demanded accurate advice.    I’ve had to sort out much misinformation..  meaningless short term studies  promoting meds. &  foods, vilifying supplements, advising minimal exercise etc.   

Warning sign #1.. of a misleading/poor Health Site/Newsletter.   Mention of calories and cholesterol.   The 1953 Framingham MA, USA cholesterol study is  still   the  worldwide Gold Standard’.  YET  it was exposed as worthless  in the early 1970s, by  Drs. R. Atkins MD, & R. Passwater PhD,  & the 3 authors of the ‘Human Physiology’,  (Vander MD,  Sherman & Luciano PhDs)..  their textbook used in most Med Schools. These  5 experts then  also demolished the ‘excess  calories make you fat’ theory! 

You’ll be thinking..  if these 2 concepts are so far out of tune, why would they be still be ‘pushed’.  Many believe that animal fats have to be made to look B A D, to clog arteries and to fatten, to make it easy for the Docs. to prescribe the toxic and ineffective cholesterol-lowering drugs, for after all there’s 25Billion$  annual ‘Business’ there!

Warning sign #2 Mention of RDA’s, Recommended Dietary Allowances.  RDAs make foods  look highly nutritious.  That’s great for the Food Industry.. and ensures that you’ll eventually need some Meds! 

Example..  An orange should contain approx. 50mgs of vitamin C, which makes-up  60% of your daily vit. C RDA of 80mgs.   YET.. precise bio-resonance tests have shown that a healthy human needs 3000mgs daily of vit. C..  i.e. 60 oranges,  to fully rev-up their killer white blood cells, the CD4s, CD8s and CD14 leucocytes, your ‘immune system’. (Clark H R,  PhD ND, 2007).   

If you’re sick you need up to 5X that much vit C!!  (Animal studies).   Also..’they’ don’t   tell you that ‘fresh’ supermarket oranges have been measured with zero vitamin C!  (ALL the other Vitamin RDAs are just as ridiculously low).

Sure.. We won’t have all the answers for many decades..   BUT.. why not make full use of what’s known? There’s plenty of proven, natural alternatives at hand.  

FACT:  Doctors have little interest in &  know  very little of   preventive and curative natural alternatives..   The well respected, highly trained  Docs.  competently treat the sick & injured.   BUT…   when you’re  losing hair, fighting the flab, feeling sickly, overstressed, weak or  depressed.. docs will happily medicate or offer ‘Standard’ advice.  And don’t expect more from the well-meaning Docs.  They had  only 6 hours of nutrition in 6 years of Med. School & were mainly taught the outdated cholesterol and calories theories. 

You may  already be in good health.  &.. want more, we all do!  I’ve collected what we need  that’s been  tucked-away in the 12 million or so published Health Studies..  that’ll make us live much longer, more active and  disease  and med.-free. 

NOTE 1.  Consider that after WWI in the  US, hospital beds were empty, there were no cardiologists  & Little Pharma made..  Aspirin.  Today Hospital beds overflow & Big Pharma is a trillion$ Industry.   There’s  obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis  etc  epidemics.  Something’s  surely not right with the Mainstream ‘s advice nor with what the Food Industry churns out as ‘Safe’ &  ‘Healthy’. 

NOTE 2.  How accurate are even the World’s 2 Top Newsletters?  They both  rely on guest writers, some of whom very poorly informed!  These and most other independent Health sites,  censor  ANY  comment that points out  misleading data.  That may well give their writers and  sites  ‘face’..   but  surely can’t help you.

FINAL NOTE.  Exciting new health  research hits us every week.  On closer examination we find that most of these studies are just rehashing what is already known!  E.g.  In Japan there’s a massive  incidence of strokes,  caused by arteries to the brain clogging-up.  Japanese scientists are excitedly working with astaxanthin, an antioxidant that’s the  ‘red’  in salmon and in the shells of crabs and prawns. 

Antioxidants stop arterial inflammation which in turn leads to calcification.    Yet we’ve known for decades that the antioxidants in 2 egg yolks eaten daily,  their selenium, amino acids..  l-cysteine, l-tyrosine, l-tryptophan and vitamins STOP all inflammation in your arteries.  Idiotic advice, (even in Japan),  to eat only 2 eggs a week, doesn’t help keep  arteries clean from this cause. There’s 2 further causes.. but neither is from dietary nor elevated total cholesterol.  Egg yolks also contain vitamin K2 that directs calcium into hard tissues, bones and away from soft tissues, arteries.

The truth about foods.      Click  ‘Healthy Living’  on the Nav Bar, for FREE and accurate food data.  Examples.  Vegetables. The Mainstream  advises ‘Eat your veges’, yet 4 common veges have  solanines that  CAUSE Rheumatoid Arthritis. They belong to the family of the deadly nightshade plant, the Atropa Belladonna.  (US Agric. Dept. Study 1974).. also…  

You’re not told.. that heating vegetables, even a quick stir-fry,  destroys 90% 0f the B vitamins;  that short and long boiling destroy 50% & 100% of phyto-nutrients; & that in raw veges the nutrients are so tightly bound in the cells as to be mostly indigestible!    Is juicing the answer?  Yes it is.. but you need to know it’s 2 major dangers. 

You’re not told.. That unfermented soy contains 9 toxic health-harming compounds.

Yet you’re told..  to ‘Eat your veges..  and become healthy’!

There’s masses of  accurate data  that you need to know..  that’ll shock, surprise & enlighten you.   Take your time discovering.  It’s your health!

Thinning-hair-front Prevent hair loss!  Imagine.. never again worrying about becoming bald.  Your  easy & quick  solutions are  in the updated 3-Step Stop Hair Loss protocols.   I fine-tuned & tested   these exciting concepts for decades.  They came from the Sydney Medical  U. 


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Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe